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Welcome! I’m Starhawk, author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality. I’m a peace, environmental, and global justice activist and trainer, a permaculture designer and teacher, a Pagan and Witch.

To see how it all weaves together, follow the many strands of my web.

The Empowerment Manual:Empowerment Manual cover
A Guide for Collaborative Groups
by Starhawk

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The Five-Fold Path of Productive Meetings
Starhawk’s gift to you is this out-take from her latest book.

It happens over and over again—a group of people come together, fired up with passion to create change. They begin with huge inspiration and enthusiasm—and a year later, it’s all foundered in the mire of conflict. We could have changed the world ten times over—if we didn’t have to do it together with other people, those irritating, self-righteous, controlling, fluff-brained, clueless idiots who are our friends and allies.

We can do better. In her twelfth book, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, Starhawk draws on four decades of experience in circles and collectives to show us how to foster connection, clear communication, and positive power in ourselves and our groups.

Another world is possible: learn the skills to design and create it

Starhawk co-founded and co-teaches Earth Activist Training, a two-week permaculture design certificate course. Learn how to heal soil and cleanse water, and how to design human systems that mimic natural systems, using a minimum of energy and resources to create real abundance and social justice. Explore the strategies and organizing tools we need to make our visions real. Participatory, hands-on teaching with lots of ritual, games, projects, songs, and laughs along with an intensive curriculum in ecological design.

For more information (including some fantastic videos) and to register, go to the Earth Activist Training Website

EAT at Bayview Hunters Point, SF

Why an inner city program?

She’s twenty-two years old—and never knew that bees pollinate flowers. He’s nineteen, already a father, and he wants to provide for his daughter but there are no jobs to be had in his ‘hood. She’s twenty, pregnant, and eats at McDonalds every day—her neighborhood has no supermarket or vegetable stand.

EAT’s mission is to bring the knowledge and resources of regenerative ecological design to communities with the greatest needs and fewest resources. Bayview Hunters Point is a corner of San Francisco with the highest level of toxins, highest murder rate and least access to fresh food. EAT has partnered with Hunters Point Family, a community-based organization that works with at risk youth who live in public housing. We’re pioneering a long term training in permaculture and environmental leadership—because we believe that our environmental and social problems can only be solved together.

Are you, like me, furious at the climate deniers and the lack of action nationally and internationally? We can turn our frustration to positive action locally, and grow a new generation of truly diverse activists that includes the voices of those who have been most impacted by the destruction.

So here’s one positive action you can take today—donate and help support our work in the inner city and our residential training programs that teach permaculture design with a grounding in spirit and a focus on activism. Your donation is tax deductible.

Donate online at:
Donate by mail by sending a check made out to Alliance of Community Trainers (EAT’s fiscal sponsor) and earmarked “EAT” to ACT PO Box 1286 Austin TX 78767-1286.

Starhawk’s Essays

Many dispatches from the front lines of Palestine, New Orleans, and actions across the globe are archived on her “Activism Writings” page. We invite you to explore and read on.