Pagan Cluster at demonstration, 2001.

Giant street puppet -- Quebec City, 2001.


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"Because I believe the earth is a living being, because we are all part of that life, because every human being embodies the Goddess, because I have a fierce, passionate love for redwoods and ravens, because clear running water is sacred, I'm an activist. And because the two hundred richest people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest forty percent, because every ecosystem, traditional culture, old growth forest and life support system on the planet is under assault, and because the institutions perpetuating this unjust system are global, I'm kept very busy! Here are some of the current campaigns I'm involved, with some good resources and website links. You'll also find my archived writings, information on trainings, and resources for activist trainers/preparers. For more recent posts, including those on the Occupy movement, please visit my blog at"
-- Starhawk

"The more freedom is extended to business, the more prisons have to be built for those who suffer from that business." Eduardo Galleano


  • Activism Writings: there are scores of archived essays and communiques from the front lines on Starhawk's Activism Writings page.

  • Resources for Trainers: there are dozens of pages of information for activist trainers that are accessible from the Trainer Resources page.

  • Recommended Reading in Activism: here is a list of books by others for activists to read.

  • The Cochabamba Declaration: A rallying call to join the struggle to protect the planet and human rights

  • For information on upcoming actions and trainings Starhawk is working on, see the Schedule Page.

  • Magical Activists Listserves:

    Starhawk and her colleagues believe in open political organizing. It's inclusive to everyone who wants to take part, and coincidentally it's also the best safeguard against government provocateurs and similar b.s.

    The Pagan Cluster, also known as the Living River, coordinates through the listserve To subscribe, email The Pagan Cluster website is a great resource as well.

    The general listserve for discussion and organizing magical support for actions at demonstrations is To subscribe email

  • Real News: Recommended media sources that provide alternative voices, views, and often more accurate coverage than the mainstream press.


Webs of Power from New Society Publishers:

"The grave danger we are in -- of enslavement, worldwide, by the insatiably greedy -- is so complex only a witch could fully comprehend, analyze, and write a spell to get us out of it. I am serious. Enter Starhawk (thank goddess!) and Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. This book tells us all we need to know about the chasm gaping at our feet. Visionary ropes are thrown in the hope that we will have sense and soul enough to swing ourselves across. A must and soonest read."
-- Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

Starhawk's Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising, contains a number of her best political essays, and new material. Read more on the Webs of Power Page.

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