What Must We Lose to the Night?

Winter Solstice—

The longest night and shortest day of the year, when the powers of light and warmth seem weakest, and we are immersed in the dark. But in the ancient Goddess traditions, darkness was not something fearful. White, the color of bone, of snow, was the color of death. Black, the color […]

A Brief Guide to Hexing

A Witch’s Dilemma

When Ronald Reagan got elected, my mother—who was never too happy about my being a Witch—nonetheless kept urging me to hex him. I kept trying to tell her that what you send out returns to you three times over, that there were other ways to work, but she wasn’t […]

Auntie Starhawk’s Sex Advice for Troubled Times

Resist the Patriarchy: Have Good Sex!

All the #metoo posts and continual revelations of what women have always known and experienced about the ubiquity of sexual harassment and assault are tremendously important, empowering and liberating as they blow away the smokescreen that has obscured the truth of women’s lives.

But […]

The Magical Battle of This Time

The World Has Gone Bonko.

Devout Christians vote for a self-admitted sexual predator. Climate change revs up hurricanes and whips up wildfires into holocausts—and the deniers in government respond by rolling back programs to mitigate it.

Having spent the ‘60s and beyond debunking the right-wing assertions that every progressive movement […]

Some Monuments I’d Like to See

The Nazi violence in Charlottesville has had one positive backlash—

the taking down of Confederate monuments on a mass scale. I’m all for it—as they glorify a system of brutal racism and oppression. And if it leads on to downing Washington and Jefferson, as the the racist-in-chief warns could happen, well, maybe that would […]

Poets and Heroes

This weekend is the funeral for a young man named Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, who, together with veteran and father Ricky John Best and poet Micah David-Cole stood up against a white supremacist spewing hate and threatening two young women on the Portland Metro.

Taliesin’s death has especially hit home for me, because, while I […]

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

The sign at the main entrance to the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock says, “This is a place of prayer and ceremony.”

To be honest, I was afraid to go to Standing Rock. Not so much of the cops, despite their violent assaults on peaceful protestors, but of the cold and the discomfort. […]

Pre-Election Day Thoughts

A while back, I wrote a post explaining why I was supporting Hillary Clinton for president. It garnered more comments—and more ire—than anything else I’ve ever put up on the internet. Now that the election is looming, I want to respectfully respond to some of the things I’ve heard…


“How can you […]

Debate as Rorschach Test—or Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Watching the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the wake of the release of Trump’s sexual assault tapes, was a gut-churning, visceral experience for me and, I suspect, for every woman who has ever suffered from sexual assault or the fear of rape. Clinton won my admiration and respect for her […]

Summer Reading Giveaway!

To celebrate the start of summer, I am giving away two signed copies of City of Refuge

Imagine a world Where Nature is our greatest teacher and all beings are honored as sacred. Hope is alive in the City of Refuge!

In a world that often seems to be upended by chaos, […]