What Must We Lose to the Night?

Winter Solstice—

The longest night and shortest day of the year, when the powers of light and warmth seem weakest, and we are immersed in the dark. But in the ancient Goddess traditions, darkness was not something fearful. White, the color of bone, of snow, was the color of death. Black, the color […]

A Brief Guide to Hexing

A Witch’s Dilemma

When Ronald Reagan got elected, my mother—who was never too happy about my being a Witch—nonetheless kept urging me to hex him. I kept trying to tell her that what you send out returns to you three times over, that there were other ways to work, but she wasn’t […]

Solstice Blessings

Light is returning–on this this longest day of the year, we hold vigil as the Goddess labors to bring forth the newborn sun. As Pagans, we embrace the dark, as the place of potential, the womb of gestation, All Possibility.

We do not see light as good, dark as evil–that dualistic metaphor is one of […]