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Starhawk at the Goddess Conference | Glastonbury

July 29 - August 4

£30 – £360

The Goddess Conference 2018
Moon Maiden Goddess
Experience how to embrace Her blessings

We invite you to join us in the Temple of the Moon Goddess to experience Her myriad aspects at the annual Goddess Conference in Glastonbury!

We have gathered to honour Goddess every summer for 22 years at Lammas time. Together we envision a peaceful, loving world that celebrates and respects all life as sacred. We would love you to come explore the ways of Goddess with us.

In 2018, we introduce the thirteen original Moon Maidens, thirteen Maiden faces of the Moon Goddess, bringing Her wisdom mythology that sings in our blood. Inviting you to look into Her mirror, the Moon Maiden Goddess offers you a deep understanding of the cyclic nature of your life and soul journey. Enabling you to become a bright shining light in our world, She asks us to initiate into Her mysteries.

Starhawk will be offering several workshops and talks at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury:

Rituals of Renewal | Sun. July 29th | 10am-5pm (Fringe Festival Event – More Info HERE)

One of the things ritual can do is to help us regain hope, optimism, and courage after hard times.  The moon waxes, wanes, and goes dark, and every life is at some time marked by grief, losses and disappointments.  If not—we probably aren’t stretching enough or taking enough risks.  But every month, a sliver of light appears once again on the horizon—and out of grief and sadness may come compassion and great creativity.  In this day-long workshop, we will deepen our craft as ritual priestesses of the great forces of deep emotion, from grief and rage to hope and commitment.  How do we evoke emotion in ritual—and how do we stay grounded, present, and transform it?  We’ll learn energetic tools, explore ritual voices, language and story-telling, and the craft of creating catharsis—the cleansing that can open us to new energy and renewed purpose.

Regeneration: Where Crone Meets Maiden | Sat. August 4th | 10am

Marija Gimbutas said about the Goddess, “Remember, she’s not about fertility, she’s about regeneration.”  Every gardener knows that fertility comes from death and decay.  When we embrace the energies of the Crone, of ending and letting go, then the cycle continues and leads on to the Maiden energies of new beginning.  But what does this mean in an age of massive ecological and social meltdown?   Where do we find the Goddess of Regeneration today—both spiritually and practically—and how do we, with Crone wisdom, invoke her healing and renewing powers?

The Wild Activist Maiden | Sat. August 4th | 4:30-5:30pm

Those who are Maidens now will grow old in a world of rising seas, deteriorating environments and massive social unrest—unless we make major changes in our technologies, economies, and ways of life.  In this era of social and environmental meltdown, we desperately need the energy and vision of the wild maiden who doesn’t accept what is, but dreams of something better, and takes action to create it.  What are the tools of magic that can help us make social and political change? In this workshop, we will use meditation, trance, story and ritual to explore what we each hold sacred, how we might envision a world that cherishes it, and where we can find courage, allies and tools to make it real.

Enter code GC1831 at checkout to further support Starhawk and her work in the world. 


July 29
August 4
£30 – £360
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Glastonbury Goddess Conference
Glastonbury, United Kingdom


Glastonbury Goddess Conference

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