Regenerative Culture, Earth-based Spirituality, and Permaculture

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In-Person Permaculture Design Certificate | Cazadero, CA

Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) is our longest running and most requested course– we’ve been teaching it for 20 years. This is our foundational permaculture course where your learning about resilient land management and climate adaptation begins.

Learn how to work with nature to heal land and water as we create real abundance and advocate for social justice. Each day begins with ritual and personal resilience tools. Mornings focus on theory, information, and examples of regenerative design. In the afternoon we put theory into practice with hands on activities. Evenings are interactive times to go deeper into social permaculture and global issues.

Donate to the Earth Activists Emergency Fund for Afghan Relief

All Donations are tax-deductible in the United States

Afghanistan is no longer the lead on the news feeds, but thousands of people remain at risk with the Taliban takeover—including a group of human rights workers and permaculture teachers that a dear friend has worked with for many years. 

The international permaculture community is mobilizing to help find places of refuge and sponsors, but we need funds for lawyers, to help sponsors, to support all the complicated logistics and so many basic needs. 

Join me in supporting these families who have so much to give to their communities, and the world! Your donation is tax deductible in the US, and might literally save a life! 

 The Fifth Sacred Thing is Now an Audiobook!

Revisit the story of Fifth in a whole new way…

Those of you who love this story will appreciate it all over again as an audiobook. It’s a great way to encourage friends who are always “too busy to read” to finally read The Fifth Sacred Thing!

It’s available now on Amazon, iTunes, and