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Summer Solstice with Starhawk: A Virtual Ritual of Fruition

Summer Solstice embodies the poignancy inherent in life. In a world where we wrestle daily with the grief of climate crisis and attacks on human rights, it’s easy to be overcome by existential depression. When we embrace the cycle of fruition, we acknowledge that an inherent part of culminating our hopes & dreams involves disappointment and failure— we must learn by trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We become masters of discernment in this cycle, releasing what no longer serves our purpose and moving on to find new, more beneficial lessons to focus on. 

Join Starhawk in this digital ritual, recorded on June 15th 2018, to celebrate the culmination that Summer Solstice brings as the Wheel of the Year turns to summer…

Give Starhawk the Best Birthday Gift!

This week, I am celebrating my 68th birthday. If I could get what I most want for my birthday, it would be simply this—the certainty that we could leave a viable planet for the generations to come.

That gift is possible. We know what we need to do to address climate change: shift from fossil fuels to renewables, and regenerate land on a large scale.  And that’s what we teach in our programs at Earth Activist Training, in our permaculture design courses, and in our longer-term in-depth program in Regenerative Land Management that we launched this year. 

I believe passionately in our ability to work with nature to heal and renew the earth—and in our moral responsibility to do so. I intend to persist in doing this work as long as I’m breathing and coherent.  So what I’d like for my birthday comes down to this—support.  We need funds to keep Earth Activist Training sustainable and thriving, to provide Diversity Scholarships, to fund sound administration and help us develop our new programs and networks.

A gift to our program is definitely a gift to me—but more than that, it’s a gift to the earth, to all of us, to teach and inspire the next generation that put healing into practice.  But since it is my 68th birthday, I’ve set a goal of raising $6800 (or more!) in the next few weeks. Can you help? Feel free to go ahead and donate what you can- and share this message with your friends!

 The Fifth Sacred Thing is Now an Audiobook!

Revisit the story of Fifth in a whole new way…

Those of you who love this story will appreciate it all over again as an audiobook. It’s a great way to encourage friends who are always “too busy to read” to finally read The Fifth Sacred Thing!

It’s available now on Amazon, iTunes, and