Regenerative Culture, Earth-based Spirituality, and Permaculture

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JeWitch Camp in Oakland, CA

JeWitch Camp is a multi-day restorative event in the Reclaiming tradition for Jews, Pagans, and those who love them. We gather to draw on Earth-Based magick to pursue tikkun olam (repair of the world) and explore the eco-feminist pre-patriarchal pagan roots of Judaism.

Earth Activist Training
Restoration Intensive

A ten-day course which includes one week of instruction at New Paradigm College in Lucerne, Lake County, CA and culminates in a weekend restoration eco-blitz on a community project that will engage the larger community.  It ends with a final day of cleanup, evaluation, and celebration. 

Apply permaculture to the broadacre realms of Zone 4, and learn about wildlands management and fire ecology in Northern California’s Oak Savannahs, Woodlands, Chapparal and Grasslands. You’ll gain hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of how we can plan for climate change and it’s impacts, including fire, make our homes and land more fire-resilient, and aid the land’s recovery after fire

 The Fifth Sacred Thing is Now an Audiobook!

Revisit the story of Fifth in a whole new way…

Those of you who love this story will appreciate it all over again as an audiobook. It’s a great way to encourage friends who are always “too busy to read” to finally read The Fifth Sacred Thing!

It’s available now on Amazon, iTunes, and