Regenerative Culture, Earth-based Spirituality, and Permaculture

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course (Online)

Online PDC course runs 15 weeks, July 13-October 26

Learn to design human systems that mimic natural systems, using a minimum of energy and resources and creating real abundance and social justice. In this 15-week online course, we’ll cover principles and practices for how to read the landscape, how to heal soil and cleanse water, design integrated systems, harvest water, drought-proof land, build soil, sequester carbon, make compost, compost tea, and biochar, and how to bio-remediate toxins. Explore the solutions to climate change, and the strategies and organizing tools that can put them in place.

You will attend a 2-hour class once a week for 15 weeks, and upon completion of all requirements will receive an internationally-recognized certification.

Magical Activism Series 2021

Ongoing Live Ritual Course for 2021 led by Starhawk
Course runs January – November 2021, join anytime

In our second year of the Magical Activism series, we will hone the magical skills to divine, to discern, and to envision what is needed and what we desire, for ourselves and for the world. We must do the work of healing, of facing grief and loss, understanding and undoing the patterns of abuse, and finding allies that support our strength and resilience.

This year’s Magical Activism sessions will focus on three themes: vision, healing and strategy.

Each session will involve deep personal work and investigate what we learn to make shifts on a community and world level. We’ll have suggested personal practices to carry us through the intervening weeks, and build community on our own private network.

Our next lives session happens on Thursday, August 19th, and will focus on the Mysteries of Fire. Register now so you have time to catch up on past sessions!

This is an ongoing series with rolling admissions, you can register by donation at any time and get access to our private community network, plus all past, current, and future sessions!

 The Fifth Sacred Thing is Now an Audiobook!

Revisit the story of Fifth in a whole new way…

Those of you who love this story will appreciate it all over again as an audiobook. It’s a great way to encourage friends who are always “too busy to read” to finally read The Fifth Sacred Thing!

It’s available now on Amazon, iTunes, and