Permaculture in Palestine

Marda Permaculture Farm

*(Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our course, but I will post the new dates here as soon as we have them!)

The olives are flowering on my land in California right now, just as they are in the olive groves of Palestine.  In a few weeks I’ll be heading there to coteach a permaculture course at the Marda Permaculture Farm on the West Bank, together with Klaudia van Gool from England and Murad Al-Khufash, who runs the demonstration farm and who is bringing the tools and insights of permaculture to Palestine.

Murad Al-Khufash

It’s so hard, when we look at that part of the world, to feel hope and optimism.   Maybe you, like me, sometimes feel overwhelmed and despairing. The structures of oppression seem so entrenched, the obstacles almost insurmountable.

Yet I always find hope in the resilient, creative spirit of the people there.

Permaculture offers a way to support their efforts at survival and regeneration.  It offers the skills and insights needed to create true abundance, to heal the land and provide healthy food and build the foundations for justice and peace.

Permaculture polyculture at Marda

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do, here’s an opportunity to contribute to healing and renewal in this troubled region.  We need your help for this course to go forward.

We need to raise five thousand dollars to support the costs of the course and to make it available for Palestinians who suffer many economic privations under the Occupation.  $400 will sponsor a scholarship for one Palestinian student.  Any donation of any amount will help us to make the course happen and help the Marda Permaculture Farm to carry on its ongoing, vitally important work.

Fruit trees are the backbone of a food forest!

The course is open to internationals, and if you have ever thought of taking a permaculture design course, this is a unique opportunity to connect across cultures and learn both ancient traditions and new approaches.  Below is information about the course.  The more internationals who join us, the more Palestinians we can serve.

But if you can give something, even little bits add up to a whole lot of hope!

Tax-deductible donations can be made through the Global Village Institute.

Donate online here:, project to be funded MUST be specified as “Marda Permaculture Farm”.  Or log in to PayPal and SEND the donation to Specify “Marda” in the comments field.

You can also donate by check.  Make the check out to Global Village Institute and be sure to earmark it “Marda Farm.”  Send it to:

Ecovillage Training Center

The Farm, 184 Schoolhouse Road, PO Box 90

Summertown, TN 38483-0090 US

I’m so grateful for the generosity of this community!  I know that I come to you a lot—but you always come through and because of you, Earth Activist Training and our sister organizations have been able to do amazing things, from diversifying our movement to allying with those who are doing cutting-edge work in hugely challenging situations!  I’m so proud and thankful to have you on our team!


Earth Activist Training

A garden in a dry land!

From Marda Permaculture Farm:

We are very excited to announce that our upcoming Permaculture Design Course will be taking place next May, 16th-30th , with the renowned international teacher and global justice activist Starhawk as well as the permaculture specialists Klaudia Van Gool and Murad Al Khufash.

Join us! Learn about Permaculture and traditional Palestinian farming whilst experiencing the culture, food, and traditions of beautiful Palestine.

Marda Permaculture Farm seeks to address critical issues in the Palestinian community like food security, health, self-reliance and community empowerment through reviving traditional agriculture and promoting a range of permaculture techniques that support chemical-free, diverse food production in balance with the cultural and biological landscape, while conserving and recycling water, energy, and other resources.

PDC to run 16th-30th May

  • Languages: English with Arabic translation
  • A fantastic opportunity to learn Permaculture Design at Marda’s demonstration site and to experience Palestinian culture at its richest.
  • Marda is an ancient, peaceful stone village nestled in the mountains one hour from Jerusalem and surrounded by olive groves.
  • The mild climate and rich soil support a great diversity of flora and fauna and being close to the soil here in the Holy Land is a life changing experience.
  • The course includes 14 nights board in a comfortable house (camping if you prefer) with internet, showers, washing machine etc..
  • Everyone is welcome to this 14 day event, please contact us to book and for help with travel advice.

For further information, please check:



Or send us an email at:

We look forward to having you with us, and share this fantastic experience together.

With our best regards,

Marda Permaculture Farm

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