A Spell for the 4th

Happy Fourth of July—or not so happy. This year again we celebrate the birthday of our nation—a nation that espouses beautiful ideals it has yet to live up to—and this year truth, justice, freedom and basic common human decency seem to be slipping away from our grasp.

So—time for magic! In June, I suggested an ongoing spell to begin on Solstice and culminate tonight on the Fourth of July!  A spell to break through the false miasma of illusions, to call us back to caring and connection and courage—a spell that acknowledges our imperfections, as the Liberty Bell itself is cracked, yet calls us to the belief that we can nonetheless become agents of greater justice and healing in this world.

A Spell for Justice Part 2

You can do this spell any way you want—if my suggestions don’t work for you, create your own!  But here’s how I see it working…we use the power in all those patriotic songs, in those firework displays. 

✔ Set up an altar with the Statue of Liberty or the sigil or any image that works for you. 

✔ Sing any song you like—but sing it as a spell, as an affirmation of what can be. 

✔ Believe that we can be, commit yourself to make sure we become Sweet Land of Liberty, O beautiful for spacious skies, a place where freedom can ring! 

✔ Visualize the flame of justice coming out of Liberty’s torch like a laser beam, piercing through the veil of lies and fake news and confusion, bursting the bonds of the psychic Teflon that protects the powerful from the consequences of their callousness, touching hearts and awakening us all to courage and compassion. Imagine each firework, as it bursts in the sky, spreading the magic. 

✔ Recite the charm below:

By the crack in the Liberty Bell,

False attractions now repel!

As fireworks burst to stars so bright,

All are drawn to truth’s great light.

Care for the earth, for every child,

Protect the water, love the wild.

And from the mountains to the sea,

Raise the torch of Liberty,

Ring the bells and heed the call,

Justice, justice now for all!

✔ Then ground the spell by taking some real action in the world to bring about greater justice. You know all the things you can do—do them, and challenge yourself to be a little braver, a little more committed, a little more determined than you might have been otherwise.

If you need more instruction, here’s the original video:

These are hard times—but oh, how good it will feel, does feel, as we turn the tide and join together to create that world of liberty and justice for all!

2 comments to A Spell for the 4th

  • flux conundrum

    It would be great if this video was captioned for accessibility. (Also, the background music after 3:30 is very loud and distracting). I love the idea of using mainstream symbols as a magical tool to disrupt the mainstream. Or divert the flow. I will caption parts of it below:

    1. Create sacred space however you like to do that- casting a circle, saying a prayer, creating an altar…
    2. Call in your spiritual allies, your ancestors, (I am adding descendants), anyone you believe can be helpful in this quest for justice.
    Take the image of the statue of liberty, or if that doesn’t work for you, find something that does, this is for you to do, not for me to tell you what to do….
    3. Meditate on justice, remember times of justice or imagine them… what does it look like, feel like, smell like, what’s the energetic quality of it? Pour that in, think about how much you want to live in a world where justice is truly what fills the land and imagine that torch… shining out and shattering those toxic clouds and piercing into people’s hearts, piercing them with compassion and understanding that we are supposed to be here to take care of one another and to take care of the Earth and above all to protect and take care of the children.
    4. Ring your bell, ring out justice. If you want a song or a chant, you could try this one- what serves life will stand, what does not will fall, the power is in our hands, justice for all
    5. Thank all your allies, thank the spirits and open up your sacred space.
    6. Repeat! …Imagine it culminating and that every firework on the 4th shatters that toxic cloud and brings forth that fiery, shining light of fierce love and compassion.

  • Esmerelda

    My neighborhood in Brooklyn has an ideal view of the Statue of Liberty.

    While I am just seeing this post today (July 9th), this is pretty much what I do, in some way, every time I walk down to the water and/or catch the water taxi to Manhattan.

    Thank you.

    I’ve been working on participatory sculptures to help everyone visualize/manifest the world that we wish to see.

    Personally, I believe the Orange Man is (unbeknownst to him) a secret double agent, forcing us to daylight our collective and individual shadow side so that it may be healed.

    Fear has been keeping me from moving forward with my projects (my personal shadow side was confronted beginning in 2008, the beginning of eight years homeless -though I did participate in your S.F. rituals, Occupy Oakland, etc. I now have housing but am scarred and afraid).

    May I, and may all of us with vision in our hearts, find the strength to inspire, educate, lead, and love and work to create the world we need to see for the good of all.

    Blessed be.

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