A Tale of Two Movies

A Tale of Two Movies!

Our Kickstarter campaign for The Fifth Sacred Thing is going phenomenally well.  We are 80% toward our original funding goal—with 25 days left to go!  Thanks to everyone who has been showing us such fantastic support!

Now, we’re shifting gears.  Our campaign really has two goals—first, of course, to raise the money we need to move the film project to the next level.  Last weekend we had some very successful meetings in L.A. with a few key people who are willing to be our advisors around film financing and navigating the creative edges of the industry.  The good news—assuming our Kickstarter campaign succeeds, as we feel sure it will, we’ll have what we need to move on to the next phase—due to your wonderful support, and, if I can say it, our own hard work over quiet years of crafting the screenplay, the visuals, and many other pieces.

To convince a top-level director to join us, to draw in investors and financing, we need three things.  The first is a great story—which hopefully we have.  The second is money, which we will have at least some of.  The third, however, is popular support.  Investors today are looking for things that already have a following—novels, comic books, sequels to sequels—even more than big-name stars.  Every Like on our Facebook page or sign-up to our mailing list helps.  But what is most convincing:  people who actually kick down some cold cash and show their support.

So—would you be willing to help us in this way?  Go to our Kickstarter page and become an active backer, for even as little as dollar?  As I write, we have almost 800—we’d love to get over 1000.  If everyone on this list gave even the price of a cup of coffee—hopefully organic, shade-grown and fair-traded, of course—we’d be in the top echelon of Kickstarter projects as far as numbers of active backers.

Thank you so much!  And as a special treat, this coming week until August 15, our distributors will be live streaming Signs Out of Time, the documentary I made with director Donna Read on archaelogist Marija Gimbutas.  Although I haven’t made a feature film yet, I have worked on a number of documentaries and Signs is dear to my heart, and a good introduction to the Goddess who is such a core figure in The Fifth Sacred Thing as well.  Here’s the information:

Watch SIGNS OUT OF TIME online for free when you become a member of the Alive Mind Cinema community. Join and after your registration is validated via e-mail, login to the site and go to the Members Screening Room. Select SIGNS OUT OF TIME from the pulldown menu and enjoy.

Signs Out of Time, a film by Donna Read and Starhawk, examines the life and work of world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of mythology and linguistics, Lithuanian-born Gimbutas uncovered the life-affirming and goddess-worshiping civilizations of pre-historic “Old Europe.” Weaving together footage of Gimbutas herself, as well as interviews with her supporters and critics, Signs Out of Time reveals a visionary scholar whose theories challenged the “establishment” of her time and influenced a generation of scholars, feminists, and social thinkers.

Thanks so very much!  Your support has been a great gift already!

Blessings, Starhawk

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