A Writer’s Life or Why I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

It’s been months since I’ve updated this blog.  What can I say?  I’ve been a Bad Blogger, and I vow to do better.

What have I been doing?  Working on some long-term writing projects.  Working on something big, like a book, for me is a bit like diving underwater.  It requires a kind of ruthlessness, putting everything else aside—as much as that is possible.  I’ve had a few months now—a rare period of not travelling and diving into bigger pieces of work.  And honestly, I’ve loved it.  It’s what I thought a writer’s life would be like, and so rarely is.  For the reason that writing, as a career, as a way to make the house payments and put food on the table, is not really about writing, unless you happen to be Stephen King or J.K. Rowling.  It’s actually a career of lecturing and teaching, punctuated by short periods at the computer.  Lecturing and teaching require answering emails and writing up course descriptions and sending out announcements and a thousand other details that eat up time.  Then there’s catching cold and being forced to retire to bed with a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy.  I love medical dramas—no matter how much your sinuses ache, at least you’re not being helicoptered into Seattle Grace with a spike through your abdomen.  No matter how unsympathetic your housemates and partners might be, at least Doctor House is not ordering thousands of dollars worth of invasive, painful medical tests and ordering his beleaguered interns to try some drastic, toxic treatment that will kill you if he’s guessed wrongly about the obscure cause of your suffering.

So, underwater with a big project, when you occasionally surface for air you’re also subject to constant demands to write this little thing or that little article—none of which you’re getting paid for but which have some promise of good to be attained.  The internet is a great way to get people who once maybe made some kind of living by writing to work ten times as long and hard for free.

The result—the blog falls on the back burner.

So, what can I say?  I’ve been doing Helpful Things to Change the World.  Someday you might get the benefit of those longer term projects—or they might sit in my Documents file forever and never find a publisher.  I’ve been teaching kids in Bayview Hunters Point how to garden.  I bought a bellydance workout tape which sometimes I actually put on.  I’ve been taking long walks in this beautiful green spring.  My favorite wild irises, white with a blush of lavendar, have bloomed and faded.

And now that I’m about to start in on my summer travels, I’ll try to do better.

7 comments to A Writer’s Life or Why I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

  • >I’ve been teaching kids in Bayview Hunters Point how to garden.

    Blessed be!

    (Since I haven’t ever been paid for my writing yet, the free writing I do online is a blessing that may help get me to a book.)

  • I’ve only just subscribed to your blog, so I’m happy to see a post. I can’t wait to see what book you come out with. I’ve only started reading your books (although I’ve seen you in documentaries, like “The Burning Times”) and you’ve sparked inspiration and motivation in my faith. You’ve had such a great effect on many people and it will be interesting to see what impact this next book will have. Having worked as a book editor, I get the tedious part of answering emails, etc. How time consuming!!

    Best wishes in all your creative and inspirational endeavours!

  • The white iris in my garden are just beginning to bloom. Like gardening, blogging can, at times, be “one more thing” about which we can feel guilty. Some days, it’s melange. Some days, bitter spice.

  • Heather Aurelia

    I love your books! I am so glad that you are writing again (and on this blog, too.) I can’t wait to see more entries. You ( and Z.) sparked something in me to blaze my own type of Feminist Witchcraft and I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work.

    Blessed Be!

  • Hi Starhawk, thought you doing a great project, but still miss you in the bloggerworld. Hope a new book is on it’ s way. Love Karin

  • Hi Starhawk!
    Somewhere in the blogosphere I read that one doesn´t apologize for not blogging and with my own blog I kept to that, since people are happy to read something anyway. Personally I also think that teaching kids is more important that writing to the hungry eyeballs looking for inspiration on the internet (even if I´m also one of those eyeballs 😉

    Good luck and success with your projects!

    Kind regards, Gwen

  • Brian Kardash

    I think that this is the third time that I have blogged. The last two times were on this website. I love Starhawk’s work and wish that I had gone further in my own study of the Goddess but I think often of the writings that inspired me long ago and wish her well as I plan my own summer travels and wedding. I still believe in love and the Goddess!

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