Starhawk In the Press

Starhawk Talks with Aubrey Marcus

2017 July | Online Article | Permaculture Magazine

What makes a person a lifelong activist, someone who is able to sail into the wind for decades? Maddy Harland asked two very different visionaries.

2017 July | Online Article | Gaia Education on Medium

From a baseline of 30 years’ experience in political activism, Starhawk shares her insights into the obstacles that keep our movement from being more diverse. She offers her perspective on how we can open up to more diversity.

2016 October | Radio Interview | Rootstock Radio

Permaculture & Activism: a conversation with Starhawk about permaculture: a whole system of ecological design that says if we work the way nature works—if we really observe and understand how nature is doing things—we can meet our human needs while actually regenerating the environment around us.

2016 September | Radio Interview | The Dr. Pat Show

Starhawk discusses the making of her beloved urban fantasy, The Fifth Sacred Thing. Almost 25 years after its release, the Bantam classic  has a new audiobook. Starhawk is an elder in direct activism, permaculture, and earth spirituality principles, and also the author of The Spiral Dance.

2016 September | Web Article | Reality Sandwich

What does transformation look like? An interview with Starhawk on politics in the US, transformation, and the making of The Fifth Sacred Thing audiobook.

2016 September | Radio Interview | Visionary Activist Podcast

Starhawk talks with Caroline Casey for the equinox about climate change, earth activism, American politics, and the brand new Fifth Sacred Thing Audiobook! An expansive conversation; those who follow Starhawk’s writing and teachings will greatly appreciate the dialogue.

2016 September | Web Article | The Wild Hunt

Starhawk, Permaculture and The Fifth Sacred Thing: an article on the process of making the Audiobook, and Starhawk’s latest adventures in Permaculture courses all over the world.

2016 September | Radio Interview | Sustainable World Radio

Creating a future we want to live in. A conversation with Starhawk about how Permaculture changed her life, how to design beneficial relationships, and why she feels that there is no more vital work we can do than to heal our damaged earth.

2016 September | Radio Interview | Druidcast

Starhawk speaks with Damh the Bard about how she came to her path, the role of family in life path, her similarity as a young girl to Hermione Granger, and the new The Fifth Sacred Thing audiobook.

2016 September | Web Article | Beauty In Ruins

The Gyroscopic Character.Crafting character is gyroscopic: the faster your story spins in conflict, the clearer your characters should become. They should already have been clear by the time you get to the storm. Creating distilled characters is a skill of Starhawk’s, the famous author of the urban fantasy The Fifth Sacred Thing, recently released as an audiobook on Amazon and iTunes..

2016 May | Audio Interview | Permaculture Skills Center Podcast

Permaculture, Vision and Action. Starhawk speaks on how her visionary fiction, her practice of earth-based spirituality, and her activism inform her work in permaculture. She directs Earth Activist Trainings, and has been an important voice for the inclusion of social and communication skills in permaculture courses, in bringing greater gender, racial and economic diversity into the movement, and in permaculture organizing to address climate change.

2016 April | Audio & Video Interview | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Starhawk sits down with Aubrey Marcus to discuss creating a new Utopia.

2016 February | Web Article | Huffington Post

How A ‘New World’ Would Look To One Of The Most Famous Pagans Alive. Starhawk’s new book City of Refuge explores the task of healing society.

2015 August | Audio Interview | In Her Room Podcast

Starhawk shares with Sara Blackthorne of In Her Room her thoughts on spirituality, permaculture, writing, and so much more. 

2015 August | Audio Interview | Paradigms Podcast

Starhawk speaks with Baruch of the Paradigms Podcast about Justice, Permaculture, and her new book City of Refuge, the long awaited sequel to her widely-read novel The Fifth Sacred Thing.

2011 January | Audio Interview |

Starhawk talks about her film “Permaculture: The Growing Edge”

2009 January | Audio Interview | The Dr. Pat Show

Starhawk speaks on “Women, Spirit and Action in a time of Hope and Change”

2009 May | Audio Interview | Visionary Culture Radio

Starhawk and Caroline Casey speak on Visionary Culture Radio with host Laura Fox, examining the state of the worlds :: our inner world of personal growth, spirituality, and transformation, and our outer world of community, activation and living our highest destiny path.


2017 July | Video | Talk at “Active Hope: What Must We Do Now?” in Berkeley

Starhawk speaks on building movements for effective change at “Active Hope: What Must We Do Now?” Sponsored by Code Pink in Berkeley, CA.

2013 March | Video | Talk at Harvard Divinity School

Starhawk speaks on Permaculture and the Sacred at Harvard University’s Divinity School

2010 February | Video Interviews | Tikkun Daily

Starhawk speaks with Nancy Vedder-Shults of Tikkun Daily, the progressive Jewish publication. The first interview concerns Palestine, discussing her recent activism as part the Gaza Freedom March; Starhawk’s experience growing up Jewish and coming to see Palestinians as people; and how everyone can take part in the nonviolent resistance. Visit Tikkun to watch the interview, which is in three parts.

The second Tikkun Daily interview with Nancy is all about Permaculture and Paganism, delving into permaculture principles and our relationship with the Earth.

2009 | Video Interview | Judy Rebick, Author

Starhawk speaks with Judy Rebick, author of Transforming Power – from the Personal to the Political. 

Please visit Judy’s Facebook Page for information on her activities, including several other video and audio clips.