Ten Plagues

For the Israeli snipers, who, behind concrete barricades, shot into an unarmed Palestinian demonstration in Gaza, killing fifteen people and wounding nearly a thousand on the eve of Pesach.

It is said that the God of the enslaved Hebrews visited ten plagues upon their Egyptian overlords in order to compel Pharaoh to set the Hebrews […]

Palestine and Ecofeminism Talk at CIIS in San Francisco

With apology for the sound

Gaza Again

by Starhawk


Building with mud — as we’ve been doing in California for the last four days — is an ancient tradition in the Middle East. I’m told the people of Gaza revived some of their traditional natural building methods over the last few years after the Israeli military destroyed hundreds of homes and […]

The Free Gaza Flotilla

By calling for justice, by shining a light on the continued abuses in Gaza, the Free Gaza Flotilla is acting prophetically. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. There’s no greater discomfort for people who see themselves as good than to face the pain and abuse their own actions have caused. It hurts, it stings—our natural reaction is to yell and scream and silence the accusers. But if we do, we lose all chance of truly deepening our humanity and living in accord with our integrity. […]

On Egypt

Moments of political euphoria don’t come often in a lifetime, and when they do, they are sweet. I wish I could have been back in Tahrir Square to share that celebration, and to honor the sacrifices that so many have made. […]

Update on the Flotilla

Most horrifying–the autopsy report on the nine Turkish activists who were killed report that they were shot close range, several in the head and face, and multiple times. […]

Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Early Monday morning, at 4:30 AM local time, commandos from an Israeli military helicopter assaulted the lead ship of the Gaza Freedom flotilla while it was still in international waters. Soldiers droped from the air in full combat mode and fired live ammunition at the unarmed activists—killing somewhere between ten and twenty people and wounding dozens. […]

March 16: A Sad Anniversary--On Rachel Corrie's Death

Today, Rachel Corrie’s parents are in Israel and Palestine pursuing a civil suit against the Israeli government, to hold them accountable for Rachel’s unlawful death. […]

Gaza Freedom March: Home At Last!

when you have to start arguing over the nuances of oppression, about whether the number of dead constitutes a massacre or just a slaughter, whether your policies are really genocide or just sorta like genocide, you have left the path of righteousness. […]

Gaza Freedom March: Wrapping Up

But let me just say this–the point of all our actions was to draw attention to the grave situation in Gaza. If you have been moved by these posts, please write and call your representatives, also Obama and Hillary Clinton, and urge them to put pressure on the Israeli government to lift the siege! […]