The Synagogue Shooting

On Saturday, as we were busy preparing for our 39th Anniversary Spiral Dance to honor our Beloved Dead and celebrate the Witches’ New Year, I heard the news of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. I felt heartsick. I come from a Jewish family, and with all the Witchy stuff I do I am still […]

A Statement from Starhawk on the Las Vegas Tragedy

My heart is breaking for all the families and loved ones of the victims of Las Vegas, for the lives cut short and the creativity, love, joy and beauty that those who died will not now get to experience.It’s human nature, in these moments, to ask why—to want a motivation, a sense of some […]

I Feel So Much Safer Now!

I feel so much safer now, don’t you? Now that so many states are allowing teachers to bring guns to school! High time! Why just yesterday I took little Emmie to kindergarten for her very first day. She looked so adorable with her pink-enameled Baby Browning packed into her Hello Kitty holster. I felt so proud! I slung my Remington over my shoulder—it’s only a semi-automatic but I didn’t want to be overdressed… […]