US Social Forum: Resilience

Too many times I’ve sat in meetings having the same conversation, over and over again—where are the people of color? The answer is not to go comb the streets, dragging in random people to make our group look more diverse. Nor is it to stop doing what we’re doing, if it’s the work we’re called to. An effective answer involves drawing a bigger circle, like this Forum has done, that includes all of our multiple movements and issues within it as allies, and if we have resources or skills or connections, saying to our brothers and sisters, “We’re on the same mission—how can I be of service to you?” […]

US Social Forum: A Confession and a Great Day

I confess to you all—I stayed so late at the party last night that I didn’t make it up for the 9 AM March for Clean Air. What can I say? I could plead age, or asthma—the march is against the world’s largest incinerator, which fills the air with toxic smells—and I’ve been staving off an asthma attack since I got here. But really I think you should just stop reading now and denounce me. Go ahead. You’ll feel better, and so will I. […]

US Social Forum–An Inspiring Day

Listening to Grace Boggs, connecting with the wonderful people she and her late husband James Boggs collected around them, I am struck by how unafraid they are to talk about love. With all the anger, our own frustrations and the violence we face, they still put love at the heart of their work. […]