Check Out My New Facebook Page

This page is to let everyone know about my latest novel, “The City of Refuge,” which is a sequel to “The Fifth Sacred Thing.” Please come and have a look, leave a comment and “follow” to be kept up to date on publication date of the book and information relating the real life possibilities of building a better world.


Thank you!

2 comments to Check Out My New Facebook Page

  • zjannae

    I am so excited to read this book! I dearly loved the 5th Sacred Thing..It changed my life a path of organic, sustainable farming and living. And being active in developing Urban farmsteads in the Seattle area.
    I have bought that book and (The Spiral Dance) SO many times to pass on to a bevy of young Goddess women coming into their teens and young adulthood..Your insight and writings have touched so many in such a powerful and positive way. Thank You!

  • Nancy Jennings

    Love your book The Spiral Dance and I am planning to read more. Thank you

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