City of Refuge--Lammas and Kickstarter!


Lammas, the ancient Celtic festival of Lughnasad, celebration of the first harvest.  In my first book, The Spiral Dance,  I wrote that Lammas is the time when we stand between hope and fear.  The fruit ripens on the bough, but is not yet harvested.  The grapes swell on the vine, but we don’t yet know how the vintage will be.  And here in hot, dry, drought-ridden California, it’s fire season…

 Hope and fear—that’s what I’m feeling as we prepare to launch the Kickstarter campaign to publish City of Refuge, the sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing.  We had considered starting this Friday—but after some other considerations and new astrological calculations, we’ve now decided to launch on Tuesday, August 4.  Tuesdays are reputed to be the best day to launch a Kickstarter.  Presumably, everybody is offline on the weekends, then catching up on work on Monday, but by Tuesday, they’re sitting at their desks surreptitiously scrolling Facebook.

 And the book is very much like the fruit, hanging on the bough, ripening but not yet quite ready to harvest.  It’s written, complete, and in process of being edited, but it will still be awhile before it is published and available to read.


 So I hope, very much, that the campaign will be a success!  I’m excited to publish it myself, and enjoying making my own decisions about it, choosing the cover, working with the editor knowing that I—not the marketing division—have the final say!

 I’m impatient to bring in the harvest—the joy of sharing it with all of you.  So many of you have written to me to say how much you want to read it! And I really, really hope that when you do, you’ll like it as much as I do!


The Kickstarter campaign will launch August 4.  Please consider contributing on the first day, to start us off with a big, energetic boost!  (You don’t actually pay until the campaign is over!) In return for your early contributions, we will have some limited early bird discounts available. 

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I’m so grateful for all the wonderful comments and good energy already flowing in!

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