Help Earth Activist Training Train the Earth Healers

On Giving Tuesday, December First, Starhawk’s organizaton Earth Activist Training launched a fundraiser on IndieGoGo’s Generosity Site.  Earth Activist Training teaches permaculture design grounded in spirit with a focus on organizing, activism and social permaculture–potent tools to remake the world!

Please help Starhawk share these tools with the people who most need it, and help us provide access to Deaf students to the world of sustainability!

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Thanks so much for your support!

Every student we train goes out into the world with the skills and knowledge to reduce carbon footprints and impact climate change, heal soil, grow healthy food, and organize others to make the transformation to a healthy, balanced, just and free future.

You’ll be giving something beyond price-not just to your friend or loved one, but to the earth. And it’s tax-deductible!

For more information, see the EAT Donate Page.

Or Donate Directly On-Line

Make a secure donation below through Network for Good.

Donate by Mail:

Send a check made out to our fiscal sponsor, Alliance of Community Trainers and earmarked either EAT Bayview or EAT Mycelium.

Send it to:
PO Box 1286
Austin TX 78767-1286


Thanks so much! Your support allows us to bring the skills and knowledge of earth healing to those with the greatest needs. Together we will transform the world.

— Starhawk
For Earth Activist Training

Following are some of Starhawk’s favorite donation recipients, with her comments why:

  • E.A.T. (Earth Activist Training) is a two week long training that combines a permaculture design course with earth-based spirituality, political organizing and direct action training. Activists, youth, and people from poor communities who desperately need both the skills and the hope this training offers usually can’t afford the costs. We offer worktrade for activists and Diversity Scholarships for people of color working in environmental and social justice areas.  For currently scheduled EAT trainings, see the EAT Next Sessions Page. For full information including donations visit the EAT web site Donate page.   Click the “Make a Donation” button on the left to donate using PayPal, or mail a check payable to ACT to the following address:ACT
    PO Box 1286
    Austin TX 78767-1286
  • Reclaiming Witch Camps always need money to provide scholarships for students who can’t afford to come otherwise, and to sustain our minimal but important infrastructure.
    Tax deductible checks can be sent through Vermont Witch Camp. Make check out to VWC and earmark it “All-Camp Scholarship Fund.” Send to:
    PO Box 206,
    Burlington, VT 05402
  • A.C.T.
    (Alliance of Community Trainers) provides training and organizational support for actions in the Global Justice and related movements. Donations help fund travel and occasional stipends for trainers, the development of written and online resources and a website, and trainings for trainers. Since we formed in January of 2001, ACT has offered support for campaigns in California, Brazil, Argentina, Quebec, Genoa, Washington DC, New York, Kananaskis, and elsewhere. To find out more visit the website at the “Make a Donation” button on the left to donate using PayPal, or mail a check payable to ACT to the following address:
    PO Box 1286
    Austin TX 78767-1286
  • Reclaiming’s El Salvador Friendship fund supports projects teaching sustainability and empowerment in poor communities in El Salvador. We encourage people to join a Circle of Love and pledge $100 a year for five years, but any amount is gratefully accepted. The last earthquake has created intense suffering and need.
    For the El Salvador Fund, tax deductible checks can be made to:
    (earmark them ESFF)
    P.O. Box 14404
    SF CA 94114
  • Thanks for taking the time to be sure your checks are correctly made out, earmarked, and sent to the right address. I know this is a bit confusing, but we don’t yet have a central funding agency for the diversity of projects represented here. The groups above are ones I’m personally involved with. Let’s jumpstart our own economy, one that reflects our values and supports a true, shared abundance.
  • Starhawk