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Magical Activism 2024 with Starhawk

April 1 - June 10

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.” -Dion Fortune


For me, this quote from Dion Fortune has always defined my approach both to magic and activism. How do we change, not just the structures of power, but the consciousness that underlies them?

That’s a big challenge, and for me, it’s been the work of a lifetime. But never has it seemed so crucial than this year, when the forces of autocracy are rising, when it’s harder than ever to tell truth from lies, and a mean spirit pervades the land.

So What Can We Actually Do With Magic?

Can magic make a difference, or is it merely an excuse, a substitute for taking real action? I believe that magic that works is no substitute—it’s grounded in the material-world actions we take, and it can help make us more effective as activists.

First, we can use magical practices and tools to change our own consciousness, learn to keep us calm in the midst of chaos, and clear-headed when truth and lies are muddy. We can learn to release the fears and anxieties that drain our energy, and we can find sources of renewal and resilience.

This is More Than Just a Curriculum

This is your call to action, a rallying cry for solidarity and determination. Together, we’ll forge bonds of community and resilience, supporting one another as we navigate the complexities of our times. As we work through this course together and engage with intention, solidarity, and a commitment to justice, our magical online community becomes a lifeline, a source of ongoing support, collaboration, and coordination of actions across the globe. Together, we can build a movement that not only resists the forces of oppression but propels us towards a future of liberty and justice for all.


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