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Magical Activism Series 2021 | Online

January 19 - November 19

2021: A Time of Renewed Hope

To bring about positive change, we must first be able to imagine it. We have an opportunity now to move forward toward a world of increased justice and renewal. Yet we still must face and overcome many obstacles, and we all carry wounds and scars—not just from the last four years of rising hate and corruption, but from a lifetime of living in systems that do not value the precious sacred being of all of us.

Together, we will hone the magical skills to divine, to discern, and to envision what is needed and what we desire, for ourselves and for the world. We must do the work of healing, of facing grief and loss, understanding and undoing the patterns of abuse, and finding allies that support our strength and resilience. Finally, we must engage our critical thinking skills as well as our magical intuition, to plot a course that will manifest our dreams.

This year’s Magical Activism sessions are focused on three themes: vision, healing and strategy.

Each session will involve deep personal work and then explore what we learn to make shifts on a community and world level. We’ll have suggested personal practices to carry us through the intervening weeks, and build community on our own private network.

We’ll respond to current events as they unfold, within a framework that teaches a series of magical skills. Each session will take place in a ritual framework and involve both teachings and experience. In addition to magical tools and skills, Starhawk will share insights from permaculture and regenerative design, along with stories and learning from her many decades of organizing and activism.

You can register for this series at any time, and get immediate access to
all past recordings, and present/future live sessions!

All of our sessions will include live closed captioning and ASL interpretation for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Members.

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1 comment to Magical Activism Series 2021 | Online

  • Redwood Rising

    Hello Beautiful ones,

    Is it possible to join Starhawk’s 202 course this late in the semester? I am eager to learn.

    Kind regards,
    Jennifer/Redwood Rising

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