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Magical Activism Series 2022

July 20 - November 9

Deepen your political activism and magical skills to focus collective power towards challenging and shifting unjust power structures in this 4 month live, online course with Starhawk. 

Right now, we need tools to counter the manipulative magic that fragments our attention and sways our emotions—from clickbait on the internet to disinformation on Fox News. Lies scream, while truth whispers. Anxiety, outrage, grievance and fear are amplified until they turn into outright hatred.

But we can use our magical and practical tools to change this, to drain away the toxicity and amplify truth and compassion. And those same tools can build community and help each one of us stay grounded, energized and hopeful through troubled times.

I’ve always loved Dion Fortune’s definition of magic: “the art of changing consciousness at will.” It’s always seemed to me to be a perfect definition of deep political activism: not just challenging unjust power, but shifting the consciousness that accepts injustice.

To enact this deep work, we’ll meet live online roughly every three weeks from mid-July through November. Each session will focus on an issue relevant to the moment, and each will incorporate a specific magical skill. You’ll have ‘homework’—ways to continue and ground the magic between sessions.

Join me in the third session of Magical Activism for 2022 as we upgrade our magical toolboxes together, and learn how to use everything in them!

I want this work to be accessible to everyone who is called to do it, and don’t ever want money to be a barrier to people getting the information, skills and resources they need. That’s why I’m offering this course on a donation basis. A similar 7-session live cohort course like this one would generally cost between $150-$1000. I don’t want money to be a barrier, so you are truly welcomed to register for this series by donating as much or as little as you can. 

All of our live sessions will feature ASL interpretation and live closed captioning.

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2 comments to Magical Activism Series 2022

  • Agua

    Hi Starhawk!

    Agua here ✌️ I am a climate/transition activist from Argentina living in Santa Cruz, CA

    I have just saw this and I would like to know if I still can join you on this magical activism series!
    I know it already started but it would be amazing if I can watched the first class recorded and be in the next sessions.

    Thanks in advance 🙏


    • Alli Gallixsee

      Hi Agua!

      Yes, you can absolutely register now and watch the recording of the first session and then join us live for future sessions! We have many people who join us exclusively via recording and that has worked for many people almost as well as attending live. Registration will remain open through the month of August for those who want to join us!

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