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Reclaiming Spiral Dance | Online

October 31

Dear Worldwide Reclaiming Community,

The 41st Annual Spiral Dance is happening on Saturday, October 31st.  For the first time we will be VIRTUAL and ONLINE. Manifesting this orgasmic, life-changing, and ecstatic ritual is going to take a tremendous community effort. We deeply regret that we will not be gathering in person but by going virtual it gives us the opportunity to open up the Bay Area ritual to our worldwide community.

We’d like to let you know how you can get involved. . . how you can participate in this worldwide ritual, that is on a blue moon, 3 days before the U.S. elections.

 No matter what time zone you are in or what accessibility needs you have you can join this moment of magic and power.

 Imagine altars built all over the world streamed on to the Spiral Dance website. Ritualists participating from around the globe. Creative elements not thought of yet! A ritual weekend, where we are not constrained by time or place.

 We want your contribution to be seen by the Community. We will be streaming the ritual and showing participation on the website: www.reclaimingspiraldance.org and not on Facebook.

Here’s how you can participate:

The ritual intention this year:

In the midst of uncertainty and the unknown, we come together to call forth the rains of justice and renewal.

  • Make an altar! In your house or outside (wherever is safe). Take a picture (phone cameras are fine!) and email it to Ymoja@juno.com (Patti).
  •  The names of our beloved dead who have crossed over since the last Spiral Dance are read aloud and will be displayed. You can enter them here: https://www.reclaimingspiraldance.org/the-beloved-dead
  •  We will be crafting a spell for us all to do together during the ritual. Watch this space as well as the website as details emerge!
  •  Again, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Spiral Dance planning cell at dancethespiral79@gmail.com

Blessed Be!

Yours in service, The Spiral Dance Cell

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