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Samhain: A Witches’ New Year Ritual | Online

October 30, 2018 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


The Veil Draws Thinner, The Voices of Our Ancestors Grow Louder… 

The Wheel turns to Samhain, or Halloween— the time when the veil is thin between the worlds and our Beloved Dead come close. In these challenging and brutal times, we need the help and guidance of the ancestors as never before.

Join us in this live, online ritual as we journey in trance to the Isle of Apples, the Land of Youth where the dead grow young again. Here we can grieve our losses, complete what is unfinished in our relationships, and ask for the help and guidance we need.

The Isle of the Dead is also the Place of Rebirth, where we can stir the cauldron of change and plant the seeds of what we want to bring into being in the year to come. Together, we will celebrate the Witches’ New Year, honor those who have passed, and renew our hope and determination to create a thriving world of justice and abundance for the living.

This is our final ritual in our 8-ritual series honoring the sacred wheel of the year. I hope you will join us as we complete the cycle of connection and honor that we have built together.

Let it begin anew, on this, the Witches’ New Year.

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