Youtube Videos

Here are some videos from Youtube, gathered together on one page.

Earth Activist Training (EAT) weaves the principles of permaculture, earth-based spirituality, and regenerative activism into a captivating curriculum that blends classroom lecture and experiential exercises with practical, hands-on learning opportunities.

An introduction to permaculture design principles featuring a stunning, abundant food forest designed by Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans Erik teaches with Earth Activist Training Video by Starhawk.

Inner City Permaculture Video

This tour of Connie Van Dyke’s urban garden, Tabor Tilth, in Portland, Oregon shows her amazing, integrated system that produces food, fiber, herbs, and fertility on 1/5 of an acre! One of the best examples of urban permaculture around. Video by Starhawk for Earth Activist Trainings/Belili Productions.

An excerpt from the forthcoming documentary Permaculture: The Growing Edge by Belili Productions.

Fun at Earth Activist Training

Starhawk at Harvard Divinity School