Gaza Freedom March: Wrapping Up

Hello friends and all who have been following these events:  We celebrated New year’s with a candlelight vigil in Tahrir square, then spent New year’s Day at the Israeli embassy–or rather, across the street, at a last big protest.  That night we had a closing in Tahrir square.  I have a lot more to say and write and many final thoughts to share, but I’m out of time and internet access for the moment.  I’ll be travelling for the next few days, so the rest may have to wait until I’m home and have some time to catch up and think.  Thanks for all your comments and support

But let me just say this–the point of all our actions was to draw attention to the grave situation in Gaza.  If you have been moved by these posts, please write and call your representatives, also Obama and Hillary Clinton, and urge them to put pressure on the Israeli government to lift the siege!  Thanks–more soon on all of this, Starhawk

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