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The Earth, She Is Changing…

Just a few weeks ago, Northern California was covered with what felt like the smokes of Mordor. The most destructive fire in California’s history—still not fully contained—continues to burn in the north—and for the second autumn in a row we have endured over a week of smoke and bad air so dangerous that schools were closed and outdoor events cancelled. 

Climate change is already causing devastation and costing lives, and the latest predictions grow increasingly dire.

Don’t Despair, Take Action

It’s easy to feel hopelessness and despair, but there is so much that we can do! 

The non-profit that I co-founded, Earth Activist Training, teaches the skills and insights of resilience that we need to heal our world. We combine the ecological design ethics and principles of permaculture with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism. Throughout our courses, we also weave social permaculture—tools for designing and sustaining beneficial human relations.

A Focus on Diversity

One key ecological principle is that diversity brings resilience: in nature, a more diverse ecosystem can better weather a storm or an attack of pests, and bounce back after a disturbance. Earth Activist Training offers Diversity Scholarships for people of color working on environmental and social justice.  In human systems, a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives enriches everybody’s understandings and experience.  Training a diverse student body helps diversify the larger movement, and provide leaders in communities most impacted by environmental and social injustice.

Our students are doing inspiring work—from organizing a permaculture course and garden at Standing Rock, to originating programs to empower young women in Oakland’s inner city.  They’re working with energy-saving programs and planting model gardens in upstate New York, and helping to mitigate the damage of the fires in Northern California. They are doing the work that is our best, long-term hope for redressing climate change and creating a healthier, more just world.

This spring we’ll be launching a longer-term training program in Regenerative Land Management.  It aims to provide the training and experience that will prepare a student to take over managing a piece of land—rural or urban—in ways that regenerate surrounding ecosystems, produce food, assure a livelihood and sequester carbon.  If climate change represents massive, global ecosystem meltdown, the counter is heal landscapes and build thriving communities—and we will train the people who can do it.

We Need Your Help!

Every donation to Earth Activist Training helps us carry on our vital work and launch our exciting new program. If you can make a donation monthly—even a small one—it goes even further by helping us plan and set our long-term priorities.  Every dollar is a long-term investment in the future, helping us train those who can forestall the worst damage and regenerate the land.

Donate HERE 

You can also donate by check to our fiscal sponsor:

Alliance of Community Trainers
1405 Hillmont
Austin Texas 78704 USA
earmark it: EAT Scholarship Fund

3 Ways to Support Earth Activist Training

  1. Make a one-time donation – or make it monthly, annually or quarterly!  
  2. Pass this appeal on to your friends and social networks.
  3. Come take one of our courses!  We have upcoming permaculture design courses and courses in Social Permaculture.

We are so thankful for your support!  It makes our work possible.


With Gratitude,

Starhawk & The Earth Activist Training team

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  • Hello Starhawk,
    I would love to share your sites info and the Permaculture activities you are teaching but there are no links to social media in plain site on the 1st page of your website.
    Please make them more visible and easier to share.
    Thank you so much!
    sarah James

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