Below you will find archived writings and links to various online resources, including Reclaiming, which has excellent classes, workshops and public rituals. For those of you who are interested in Starhawk’s books such as The Spiral Dance, you can access information on each of them on the Writings Page. This includes books she has collaborated on, such as The Pagan Book of Living and Dying and Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions.

The Marija Gimbutas Film: Starhawk has been working with filmmaker Donna Read (“The Goddess Remembered,” “Burning Times.” “Full Circle”) on Signs Out of Time — the documentary about the life of influential archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. The film is available on DVD — for info and to order visit the Belili Productions website.

Reclaiming: A network of communities linking magic and activism
The annual Spiral Dance and other public rituals in the Reclaiming Tradition
Reclaiming Witchcamp
Loreley Reclaiming Witchcamp, Germany
Reclaiming worldwide
Reclaiming Quarterly magazine

The Covenant of the Goddess (COG) is a national league of covens that has been legally recognized as a Church since 1975. Starhawk has been a member for over twenty years.

Serpentine Music is an excellent source for Pagan and Goddess-oriented music and spoken word audio recordings. Starhawk’s trance tape, recordings of chants she’s written, and video copies of Donna Read and Starhawk’s Goddess trilogy are also available from Serpentine.

There are more great web sites for Goddess and Pagan spirituality than you can shake a wand at. Witches Vox is a great central clearinghouse.

Essay by Starhawk Sept. ’05: A Pagan Response to Katrina — the hurricane presents a dilemma: how do Pagans who worship Nature reconcile themselves with its destructive forces?

Essay by Starhawk July ’05: Pagans Reject the Idea of Evil —
How Do We Respond to Terrorism?  Starhawk writes about the concept of evil and how Pagans can respond to the ongoing terrorism and violence in the world today.

Essay by Starhawk Fall ’03: Toward an Activist Spirituality Starhawk is often asked WHY spiritual people should be politically active (even though most of her life’s work and writings are on exactly that subject). Reprinted from Reclaiming Quarterly. We also have a SPANISH/ESPANOL translation available.

Essay by Starhawk 12-01: Why I like Harry Potter — Some Pagans find the phenomenon of Harry a bit much. Starhawk asserts that these books actually teach kids genuine spiritual values (and tells how the C.S. Lewis classics were important to her childhood).

Essay by Starhawk 1-01: Religion From Nature, Not Archaeology — Starhawk’s sizzling rebuttal to an article in the Atlantic Monthly discusses spiritual validity, spiritual bias, the evolution of the Goddess movement, and “matriarchy” (as in, there was none).

Recommended reading/Starhawk’s Bookshelf — Goddess and Pagan books: “You may wonder why I’m recommending so many books. Well, last year forty-five per cent of the books shipped to bookstores by publishers were returned unsold. Could it be we’re all spending a little too much time surfing the web, and not reading any more? Statistics like that send publishers into a panic, and then all they want to publish is the next Danielle Steele, over and over again. As a writer, I have a vested interest in a healthy and diverse publishing industry — but as I reader, I have an even stronger need for books that reflect a