I Feel So Much Safer Now!

I feel so much safer now, don’t you?  Now that so many states are allowing teachers to bring guns to school!  High time!  Why just yesterday I took little Emmie to kindergarten for her very first day.  She looked so adorable with her pink-enameled Baby Browning packed into her Hello Kitty holster.  I felt so proud!

I slung my Remington over my shoulder—it’s only a semi-automatic but I didn’t want to be overdressed.  Pulled up in the Hummer and noted with a sigh of relief that the entranceway was fully covered by the George Zimmerman Honorary Militia Unit Number 101.  Emmie was a little shy but relaxed completely as we walked up the allee of AK 47s keeping us protected from any harm.  Those  militia guys are so sensitive—using their silencers to avoid upsetting the children when, for example, just behind us they dropped little Shondel from next door in his tracks when he asked, “Why you got that big gun?”  Alas, his mother didn’t take it well and began wailing hysterically, even though the nice militia man explained to her that he’d just saved her from the budding terrorist she was nurturing in her bosom.  But you know those people have a hard time listening to reason, so he shot her too, in self-defense, of course.  How glad I am that we can stand our ground!

The Principal, Mrs. Malice, met us with a warm hug, clasping little Emmie to her bosom with a Wilson combat fixed-blade in one hand and an Uzi in the other.  Then we made our way down the hallway, careful to step around a few stray corpses, nothing to worry about really, just a bit of malfunction in the settings for the drones that patrol during class.  You won’t be so quick to sneak out to the bathroom without your hall pass with these babies cruising!

We entered the classroom.  Miss Grudge, Emmie’s new teacher, gave her a big smile and a playful burst-in-the-air from her classic Thompson sub-machine gun. So high-spirited, yet I could tell by her Glock in the shoulder holster and the classic Colt 45 on the desk that she has a no-nonsense, serious side.  The little kiddies were having a fun game of target practice with their pint-sized Smith & Wessons, so good for their hand-eye coordination!  And Miss Grudge is such a creative teacher.  She really knows how to spot the teaching moment—like after little Billy shot a couple of toes off by accident, why, all the little children learned to count to eight, right there and then!

I left little Emmie for her first day at school, my mind at ease knowing she was well-protected from any crazed terrorists or evildoers who might threaten her life or her freedom!

Truly, the only downside that I can see to our new weapons policy is the little incident in the State Legislature when Senator Avarice introduced the new pension reform bill.  The gallery was packed with teachers and after he’d been removed in the body bag his cohorts took one look at that bristling battery of gunbarrels and rapidly voted all educators a hundred percent raise plus full medical and dental benefits and a generous life insurance plan.  Surprising how much less we hear these days about state employees and their bloated entitlements.

America’s teachers—best armed, best paid!

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  • S.C. Maurin

    And Colorado’s students….Best armed….Best grades……

  • jean Dinorscio

    I feel you are going overboard in this little scenario you so wrote about so sweetly. I think we need to focus on what it is we want, andnot put the focus on what it is we fear.

    We all know what kind of world we are in ( hell?) in this dimension anyway. We do not know why we are here, where we are, and what we are “supposed” to do here and How, right? Where are we? Anyone venture a guess after you figure out what dimension and what frequency? Anyone want reality served up with a cup of coffee and maybe amuffin while we have our reality spelled out for us in the mass programming goin on around us? We do not know if we are in a dream or if we are dead and wanting to be alive? We do not know if we are in purgatory, afterlife, or if we are just what we are being told, born on this lovely planet earth and getting the Be Jesus shot out of us, cannabilized by a wicked monetary system, and etc..I do not need to educate poeple as to the cannibalism in our monied world. Thisis hell as it is being rolled out for us to lay trussed upon on those “tables” as in We are hosts for this supper –party. I am making jokes in so many ways. Jesus last supper–hosts? We are on the menu. This was never postulated as the secret meaning of the Last Supper…ask Hitler what he served up ? Ask the neo nazis who are running the Federal REserve, the industrial military and scads of other “institutions” meant to capture us .
    WE need a new consciousness…badly. So where do these rogue vicious men bodies running these organizations ..where do they hail from? I hardly think they are truly human. I mean we are entering finally into starwars era. WE know there are planetary systems out there and we know we are not alone in this universe. WE KNOW this now. WHo is hiding these facts from us…what rogue extra terrestrials do not want us as their “hosts” to find out that they are running this gig here and we are about to run ourselves offa cliff in head smashed in buffalo jump. Who are these sinister characters in this world stage and why is no one paying attention and getting rid of these horror stories hiding in all high places and powerful places? Shall we call the Wizards out? Oz wizrds? Are we all under a massive speall of black magic? I think so and the answer is to change onsciousness…pray and pray HARD for achange in consciousness..ask for help from outhers ( in space) to help free us from thse haters who run us to the ground on this planet with their “innoculations” and all other ways they are affecting our DNA and our mental health…believe me they do know that they are doiung this and want to do this as we are their “hosts” their supper. We need to pray and this is not NOTHING …this is opening the door to our stronger much more aware and adept brotherhood our spiritual brothers and sisters and Gods , those who have spiriti and souls..obviously we on this planet earth are being managed by not humans–who have no soul and no spirit and who want to control ours…see it like I do? The peroblems we face we cannot break free from on our own..so lets pray for help for light and lets channel the light we get in response to break down the dark veiled curtains and so we can finally SEE whaqt we are participating in willingly brainwashed and to STOP IT but call in the light and to ask for their help and then act on that help vis a vis your LIGHT they will download into you…channel it as it and it alone is capable of breaking the chains of illusion, lies, black magic and fear….only LIGHT is mighty enough to do this…it magnitizes to itself like character and causes a re alignment with the matrix of the erath the MOther matrix…pray and pray loudly and almost all day…all 6 billion and I guarantee these ailien parasites that have got our minds and control our souls who are cannibalizing us and causing us to do unthinkable things…pray and they will flee…they have no light and no spirit and they are all dark bring in the light and FIGHT

  • starrdusk

    you cannot always just down load. I tried that, the channeling and the language and way of its telling just does not come out to where people will read it. and then what use is it?

    I have read many of others channeling works from the pleiadians and such and it sounded to me the way propaganda alone would sound to the majority of the world. And is read by only the few of the new agers who are looking specifically for that kind of material, or just wander upon it by accident. My work is not meant for the few nor just for those who will understand it, or who will receive that kind of channeling.
    In the beginning when I started writing it came out sounding the same as everybody else’s that nobody but the few will read and I felt like I was parroting, so I had to say…”look this is not going to reach anybody because they are going to pass it off as simply propaganda, and things like….”who talks like that?”

    i told them in essence that I didn’t even know if they were good or bad entities trying to control my brain and words and that they would have to prove to me first and that I was not going to be like all of the other Prophets who, supposedly and as far as we know (we don’t) just sat down and started spilling stuff out. We don’t know all of the intricacies that, say…John the beloved went through to get his words of revelations written.
    Yes, I need work in this, but when I am dealing with one who wants to give me words and in the second breath can lie between his teeth then I am guarded and careful, even in sacred space. This may seem wrong to you, it has often to me, but/and one thing we do not KNOW as fact is where they have come from. and my words on it are not going to make it fact to anybody else. yes, I know who they are, but it has had to take a lot of years and building up to it to reach a point of half way believability because there are tons of believers out there that nobody will give the time of day and only a few will hear. I told the channelers that and we agreed and agreed to work together because I have seen possession and cast it out, and I will not be possessed. By any being.
    Sorry. They knew and know this, or possibly I was a tougher case, but, they chose this body for what ever reason, (well I know the reasons) but I didn’t think it was because I am wired differently. Now I do.

    I tried telling things there way and found that it just didn’t and doesn’t work for all, and by ‘all’ i don’t mean each individual, but with many and varied groups and beliefs we have today.

    I talk much to the Christian circles according to how they interpret and understand the bible; I have even brought up Hitler and the prophecies of the Jewish people wandering the earth and having no home. When I do I am not talking against the Jewish….no way…..nor am I uplifting Hitler for his senselessness, but am showing that if Pharaoh had his heart hardened by god in order for the Hebrew people to go free, then maybe that was how it happened with Hitler in order to accomplish the bigger plan of the Jewish people. ugly, yes. True? just as much as it was ugly. The people who have studied the Bible and those prophecies will know what I was talking about and it was too them first off that I was speaking. As well as to the Christians who think that they know the bible because it has been so filtered and watered down….they do not even know that they were mandated to care for the lost the hungry and the poor of heart, unless those people belong to their church The churches teach that these and only these are the poor of heart and hungry that they are supposed to take care of because all of the rest are outside of the circle of christ. That was not what Jesus taught and the body of christ does not know this! ALL.
    But what if there are those who has to be dealt with differently and the Bible knows this but we have not been told? And being nice isn’t going to do it

    • jean Dinorscio

      I am sorry I was not very detailed or specific in my comment regarding “channel” the light that is “downloaded” by light beings and higher even spirit and God ( as we know God) managing in our one little universe, our little tiny part of this humoungous galaxy, within our black or white wormholes, spinning thru our sun’s vortexes and orbit, what a ride. As I study, we humans are actually on a sentient spaceship , Mother Earth, if you want to look at it like that…imagine? That pineal gland we were given is simply amazing … We are traveling almost a billion miles every year ceaselessly on this lovely cruiseship called Gaia..our Mother Earth ship. Our Mother ship is raw, natural, magical, and loving, beautiful and magnificent. Can you tell I love her as we all need to ? If you do not , you are not from here!

      I understand better now our predicament by watching Dr Steven Greer on youtube who is also the author of the new film soon to be released DISCLOSURE…The DISCLOSURE film BY NEVERENDING LIGHT/ ARE YOU SIRIUS?

      This film details the TRUTH and discloses the facts regarding Extraterrestrials. We are now dealing with the nasty little intra terrestrials the ones cloned and scientifically created by scientists and their alien “captives” working with them ( from Roswell and other places they have captured these greys from). These particularly nasty aliens are actually from this planet and in the secret underground places.They are alien ( not originally conceived on this planet ) but apparently NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL. They are the ones doing the alien abductions so feared…our Extraterrestrial brethren are only love and all love…learn the difference please and be discerning.These nasty guys feed on us..really nasty stuff. They are not human and have no soul.

      These little aliens are IN THE SERVICE OF AND BEING SUPPORTED by our lovely SECRET MILITARY, apparently–what other huge mistakes have they made on our “behalf”? in their secret underground labrynths to give information on developing antigravity vehicles ( like real UFO craft for example), and ofcourse starwars type weapon systems Our Wizards of OZ here love guns and murder and need mayhem to keep secret. Shockingly our Secret military society actually shoot down and kill our lovely extraterrestrial spiritual brethren as they DO NOT WANT DISCLOSURE AS THEY ARE EVIL NASTY spiritually retarded beastards and responsible for making the hellish place it seems to be at this time for us on this planet and are busily trying to destroy us and our lovely star, our planet with their dirty oil, nuclear and radiation and drugging us with heavy metals you name it, if it makes money they are in it, etc. They , our military industrial secret OZ wizard black magicians want our slave labor and money as they serve us up as supper hosts ( our bodies being their bread) our blood their wine, in some way shape or form. Creepy.
      This is why our SECRET MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OR ILLUMINATI OZ Wizards ( hiding behind their veil of secrets and lies and terrorism) are working tirelessly to capture us, hoping to tie up the human race in such a tight Gordian Knot such as they hope we will never be able to undo! TCH. Poor decisions over and over again.

      I think the human counterparts working in the secret military must have some kind of personality disorder or something called psychopathic personality disorder. Sociopaths. Obviously. The Beasterds! How dare they, the thieves try to climb into our minds using hynosis techniques for one. The Upstarts! Cannibals, vampirism. Satanic rituals using war and otehr ways to cue our fear. Tch.
      The Course in Miracles is a good place to start reading about your heart wisdom.

      Easy Peezy. Greed is the factor and fear is a factor if you can be tempted this way, you are toast, ha ha just kidding. Butter anyone?

      The Illuminati DO NOT WANT COMPETITION AND DO NOT WANT TO LET US , MANKIND, GO! Who wants to be with them or listen to them or be eaten or cannabilized by their system…hmm? Not fun I assure you. Their systematic abuse here on this planet, our reality here for now, does not feel too good. Or loving does it? Pedal to the metal awful, noisy and smelly here eh? They love it.

      The Illuminati Wizards, those wizened ones, have been given notice over and over to cease and desist already! Dr Steven Greer goes over this in his videos, and with a veiled warning on his part. We have loving kind Gods, and the LIGHT which is God is everything to us and to all in the universes.Loving but dead on serious. Get out of Dodge they say to the illuminati. Insanely, they are defiant. Why? Cause they are insane.

      Jesus was recorded as saying:
      “I tell you the truth, I AM the DOOR for the sheep. All the people who came before me were thieves and robbers. The sheep did not listen to them. I AM THE DOOR, and the person who enters through me ( IN THE HEART) will be safe and will be able to come in and go out and find pasture. A THIEF ( COULD HE HAVE MEANT THE ILLUMINATI AND THEIR EARTHBOUND ALIEN BUDDIES?) COMES TO STEAL AND DESTROY, but I came to give life—life in all its fullness.
      “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. The worker who is paid to keep the sheep is different from the shepherd who OWNS them. When the worker sees a wolf coming, he runs away and leaves the sheep alone. Then the wolf attacks the sheep and scatters them. The man runs away because he is only a paid worker and does not really care about the sheep.
      “I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and my sheep know me, just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father. I give my life for the sheep. I HAVE OTHER SHEEP NOT IN THIS FLOCK, and I must bring them also. They will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock and one shepherd. The Father loves me because I give my life so that I can take it back again.No one takes it away from me; I give my own life freely and I have the right to take it back. This is what my Father commanded me to do.”

      So in this change time, our elder spiritual brethren want us to Pray and ask them to step in energetically even, and they will step into our lives by channeling their loving vibes ..not channel as in talk and channel but simply requesting that we somehow pray , meditate, get our vibes UP Up and UP ( at least 7 mghertz) by focusing our attention on Love not fear and anger…get onto our heart while doing this as thisis our secret chamber of privacy and talk to the spiritual masters who love you and who are loving—t.h.e.r.e. This is how we can become safe, by upping our vibrations as the souless ones cannot go THERE, they cannot get in that door as they are thieves and robbers. Do you get it as I see it now? I personally am not a bible thumper but I love all spiritual beings etc. I hope you all do too. I hope you understand better what I mean now when I say as Mother Tersea did and accomplished so much, as Elizabeth Prophet did, as St Germain did, and as all angels ask us to do…pray. simply quietly and beautifully and authentically simply up the vibrations here and pray. This is do so much to usher in a new age, no violence please.
      Simply take ten minutes every few hours and pray…to keep your and the ones around you, their vibes UP. That is all we need to do and wait, its all going to change. Keep up the prayers. “Let Justice Prevail though the heavens may fall!

      • Debi Baughman

        Actually, not all Secret Military is backing the Aliens. There are those who are there/here for our protection from those that you speak of. Not all Extraterrestrials are loving. They are as varied as our different peoples on earth, and even with-in those who are seeking our downfall, there are renegades.
        Prayer is good for those who pray. Meditation is good, shielding is good and keeping the vibrations high is important.
        There are also others of this earth who are not extraterrestrial who have been here since the dawn of time and who will always work for the good of the earth. Men would destroy them if given the chance and so they could not and will not be brought to light as a group by any who care.

  • Back to Starhawk’s very excellent post: Doesn’t the NRA’s proposal that all schools hired armed guards make the situation even safer. Wow! I feel so goooood about that, don’t you?

    • LoriginaTartis

      Thank you, Medusa. For a blog belonging to a proponent of earth-based religion, it would appear to attract a significantly counterproductive “space-case” element. ;o) (It is, perhaps, no mere coincidence that Starhawk can’t get more traction in the mainstream.)
      On topic: I agree with [jean’s] assessment (above) that the piece (no pun intended) went a bit overboard. Enough said about that. As for down-to-earth suggestions for a better future, I like this one: “Do Good – Feel Good.” (Repeat as necessary.)

  • As sick as this truly is, I laughed so hard at the irony. Meaning that I actually can see this happening. And IMO, I believe it as a sad, sad truth. Excellent post!

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