Last Wild Witch–My New Book is Out!

My new book is out today! It’s a picture book for kids, with wonderful illustrations by Lindy Kehoe, published by Mother Tongue Ink, the wonderful women who put out the beautiful WeMoon Calendar each year. Here’s the announcement and links—you can get it from my website

*Mother Tongue Ink, publisher of the We’Moon Datebook, is pleased to
announce the publication of their first children’s book.

The Last Wild Witch
Written by Starhawk
Illustrated by Lindy Kehoe

An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits

A tale of how the children of the perfect town let a little wildness get
inside of them, found their joy and courage, and saved the last wild
Witch and the last magic forest from disappearing.

The first children’s book by visionary author and earth activist
Starhawk, magically illustrated by painter Lindy Kehoe, The Last Wild
Witch is a fable for our time.*

Here’s how it came to be—it’s a story that has some bearing on the dismal state of the publishing industry and some of my own ongoing frustrations—although it has a happy conclusion, at least at the moment. I wrote the story many years ago. I was on a trip somewhere—I think it was Canada—staying in someone’s spare room that was ordinarily their chid’s bedroom, and I read myself to sleep with some of their picture books. One of them was about a Witch, the typical, negative stereotypes, and it made me mad. The next day I was on a beach—somewhere. Too many places—they all blur in my mind but I know it was a beach and I believe it was at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, and I just sat down and wrote the story. It came out all at once, as if someone were chanting it—about the perfect town in the perfect world that fears and learns to embrace the wildness of the last wild Witch from the magic forest. I thought there should be one picture book for toddlers with a positive view of Witches.

And there it sat, in my notebook, for years and years. I tried to get my publishers to publish it—but even in the heydey of Goddess popularity among publishers (a short-lived period in the late eighties, before Harper Collins was bought by Rupert Murdoch) none of them could get their childrens’ divisions interested. Not even Bantam, which published Circle Round, the book I wrote with Diane Baker and Anne Hill on raising children in Goddess tradition.

A couple of years ago, Tina and Barb from Mother Tongue took our Earth Activist Training in Portland Oregon. We were talking about their interest in experimenting with publishing something beyond the calendar, and I mentioned The Last Wild Witch. They jumped on it—and even though Tina has since left Mother Tongue, Musawa who is the founder and who is an old, old friend, carried on. And now, here it is! The perfect book to read to your Pagan kids, give to your nieces, nephews, and children of friends, to keep by your bedside and read yourself to sleep with when you need a soothing, hopeful fable.

Mother Tongue doesn’t have the resources to send me on a book tour or buy a lot of advertising. They’re a small company and this is a big leap of faith for them. If it does well, they might be encouraged to publish more.

It’s harder and harder to get major publishers to publish Pagan books. They simply aren’t set up to reach niches—although our niche is a growing one. The future for our books—if there is one in this age of the internet—lies in smaller companies stepping up that know how to reach the specific people who might have an interest in the subject.

So—please check it out! I hope you’ll get it, not because you want to encourage Pagan publishing, but because you and the kids will love it!

And in other news—I’m on a plane in an hour to fly to England, where I’ll be doing some workshops for the Transition Movement, teaching an Earth Activist Training and going to the Glastonbury Goddess festival. And doing my best to keep on blogging!

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  • What’s the best way to order the book? Will it help more if we ask our local store to order it, or should we do it straight through the publisher?

  • Mia

    Congratulation Starhawk!!!

    I’m really excited about this! I want to introduce my son to stories that express a little more magickal imagination than the usual children story books, and that will make him think and ask questions. (He is only 3 and already a trifle pragmatic.) I love being able to answer his questions with “Mommy doesn’t know the answer to that one, you’d better ask the Great Spirit.”

    The answers he gets blow me away!
    Good luck & safe journey across the puddle,

  • Mark and I have been waiting to order this beautiful book ever sense we had that quick look at it on your birthday. I have just order our copy.

    Have a grand time in England.

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  • Love your children’s storybook! Just got a copy last week and read it at Farm Camp in the “camp ” we made in the woods here at Foxglove Farm during Country Camping week. The fairies applauded as we read the story looking out at the wildness around us. It was/is a perfect book… During the rest of the week as we made Roxaboxen ( another fabulous children’s storybook by Alice McLerran ) in the pasture, the children included the last wild witch as part of thier play – she is alive and well in our woods, our camp is her Roxaboxen house. We made houses and shops for our town/village out of sticks and old boxes, had a queen mayor, and bartered for berries and edible flowers and artsy pieces of bark sculture. And everyone was abundant – there was and endless supply of pinecone currency, which you didn’t even really need, as anything was good for making trades. Everyone worked joyously at creating the world they wanted to play in, and the last wild witch said very little, but had the brightest of smiles.

    • Thanks, Lucy! That’s so lovely to hear! I’m just getting back home and finally have a box of books to give away, not just one to carry around. But I love the thought of the last wild Witch entering children’s play!

  • Is this book available overseas? I have moved to the Philippines and I would like to get this book for my Son.

  • Kathryn

    My two children and I love it! Thank you so much!

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