Links and Resources

Earth Activist Trainings combine a basic permaculture course (taught by Starhawk, Erik Ohlsen, Charles Williams and others) with activist trainings and nature observation, all of it grounded in earth-based spirituality. For currently scheduled EAT trainings, see the Schedule Page. For full information and an application, visit the EAT web site.

  • NEW FILM: “Permaculture: The Growing Edge” – by Starhawk and Donna Read. An antidote to environmental despair, a hopeful and practical look at a path to a viable, flourishing future. You can read about the film, watch a promo, and order it on DVD and as a download at the Belili Productions website.
  • Audio Interview: Starhawk talks about her new film “Permaculture: The Growing Edge” on (Jan. 2011)
  • NOTE: All of Starhawk’s blogs from Burning Man ’07 are posted here
  • Meltdown Strategies — Starhawk discusses solutions for current environmental issues. Also included is a link to her Climate Change Primer. (10.9.08)
  • Earth Activism: My Personal Journey — Starhawk’s inspirational piece written for the Reclaiming Qurterly. (Spring ’08)
  • The Fifth Sacred Thing: The Vision of the City — Read Starhawk’s updated full description of the transformed San Francisco she envisioned in The Fifth Sacred Thing. To help make this vision a reality, donate to Earth Activist Trainings. (11.28.07)
  • New Orleans Bioremediation Basics: Starhawk’s more technical explanation of the efforts to clean up various villainous toxins using microbes, plants and fungi.
  • Notes on the Permaculture at the HoriZone Ecovillage: Starhawk’s preliminary report on the activists’ EcoVillage from the summer ’05 G8 actions — what worked and what didn’t.
  • Quick: define “sustainability.” It’s one of the hot buzz words, but what does it really mean? Read Sustainability in a Nutshell to discover the perspective of our fave Witch, activist, and hands-dirty permaculturist.
  • Espanol: we now have “Sustainability in a Nutshell” in Espanol — “LA ESENCIA DE LA SOSTENIBILIDAD“.
  • Wilderness Awareness School: Starhawk has gone on to include some of their work on how to be in and be part of the natural world in the Earth Activist Trainings.In 1999 she wrote: “There’s an old European fairy tale called The Language of Birds, in which a young Prince is sent off by his father to become educated on the Sacred Island where he learns bird speech. I always loved the idea but thought it was purely a fantasy — however, I’ve now found people who teach Bird Language, and in an independent study course, no less! For several years now, the core of my spiritual practice has been the observation of nature.This year I was introduced to the Wilderness Awareness School, a group which teaches nature observation skills at a depth which far surpasses mine. Founded by Jon Young, who was mentored by spiritual tracker Tom Brown Jr., the Wilderness Awareness School offers tapes, workshops, and independent studies programs that each the skills of a naturalist tempered by the wisdom of indigenous cultures. I’m doing their Kamana Training program now and thoroughly enjoying it. Check out their website at”
  • Starhawk works mainly with two permaculture organizations, the Regenerative Design Institute (Penny Livingston-Stark also co-teaches the EAT trainings), and Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. They are both highly recommended for accurate and detailed information on the art and science of creating “permanent culture.”