Save Tasmania's Ancient Forests!

This forest has now been logged and is gone forever!

Back in 2004, I had the wonderful privilege of visiting Tasmania for just a few tantalizing days.  Activist and forest defender Adam Burling, my host, took me out into the spectacular old growth Eucalyptus forests, magical places of immense trees with an understory of giant ferns.  Strange animals that live nowhere else on earth haunt the underbrush, and the silence is primeval.

Permaculture was born in these forests, back in the 1970s when David Holmgren and Bill Mollison were wandering through them, studying their wildlife and biology.  They began asking  “Why can’t we grow food in systems that maintain themselves as forests do?”  You can see some shots of the forest that I took in our new documentary, Permaculture: The Growing Edge, directed by Donna Read and me and available at .

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Sadly, Tasmania’s forests are under attack, like old growth forests in so many places.  Although a new forest conservation agreement has been made on paper, roads are still being cut and ancient trees are still falling.

...and if we don't act, we'll have nothing but chipboard.

…and if we don’t act, we’ll have nothing but chipboard.

Tasmanian environmental groups are calling for an international day of action on December 14/15 to pressure the Australian Government to enforce a moratorium on logging the old growth.  In Australia and New Zealand, there will be banner hangs and other actions.  If you’re somewhere else, you can join this effort, as I have, by writing to Tasmania’s Premiere David Bartlett and Austrailia’s Prime Minister Jullia Gillard to tell them that the world can’t wait to see these priceless forests preserved.

You can also join in a night of linked prayer and ritual, on the 14th in the US and Europe, the 15th in Australia.  Adam suggests the following intention and imagery:

“FOCUS- to ensure the balance flows towards the protection of the forests and healing for those who feel disenfranchised by the now massive groundswell to protect the forest; the groundswell that has taken many years of hard work by lots of people to achieve. We can use the image of the green wave comming in and healing the land and all who have been involved in making this change. A green wave for the old growth forests of Tasmania and the species they harbour.”

Magic and action together make a powerful union!

Here’s the links—it’s easy to write the letters!  Koala bears and Tasmanian devils will thank you!  (Okay, my Tasmanian friends inform me that there are no koala bears in Tasmania.  But I’m sure they, wherever they are, as forest dwellers, would support this action in solidarity with their Tasmanian counterparts and thank you, nonetheless!)

Let's preserve these majestic forests forever!

Let’s preserve these majestic forests forever!

And here’s some more details on the magical activism–from Adam and Australia Reclaiming:

The Australian Reclaiming Community invites you to join us in a national magickal action as part of the International day of Action for Tasmania’s Forests.Help us weave a spell to heal and maintain the ecological integrity of Tasmania’s wonderful forests.

At 6:30pm on Wednesday 15th December 2010, people around Australia will create their own personal and group rituals to help weave a spell for the forests of Tasmania.

What to do:

Ground and create sacred space, then use drumming, singing, chanting, etc, to raise energy to send out as part of this national spell.  The spell’s intention is to ‘heal and maintain the ecological integrity of Tasmania’s forests’.  We will use the image of a ‘Green Wave’ rising up from the ocean, and from underground, surrounding Tasmania (and the rest of Australia) and spreading a deep love for the forests, and an urge to protect their ecological integrity, into the hearts and minds of all Australians.

At the peak of your spell, imagine this green wave of love for the forests spreading throughout the land – as you release the energy you have raised.

Then uncast your Circle and ground, when you have finished.

Feel free to use any song/chant of your choice for the ritual.
I have found an appropriate song by Dana Lyons (of ‘Cows With Guns’ fame) – that has lyrics that could possibly be worked into the ritual, if anyone is interested.

It goes like this:

Prayer For This Land
by Dana Lyons

Won’t you please hear my prayer for this land
Won’t you please hear my prayer for this land
And you know that I’m ready to do my part
I’m just standing by waiting for that wave to start

Only the moon can turn the tide
Only the moon can turn the tide
So I kneel and I pray at the ocean side
And I watch for that wave, that great green wave to rise

There’s a sparkle of hope in every eye
There’s a sparkle of hope in every eye
And when those eyes sparkle at the same time
That’s the time when that wave, that wave of love will rise.

Thank you for your support

P.S. Below is the request for assistance from Adam Burling which prompted this national event.  Please take the time to check out the links that Adam has sent through.

hi all,

I’m passing this on in the hope of gaining extra support for the ancient
forests of the isle of Tasmania. This beautiful southern forested
island with its rare creatures, like the Tasmanian Devil and the giant
Wedge-tailed Eagle, has been the subject of widespread clearcut
logging for decades. The logging industry has sued activists,
vigilante logger groups have assaulted protesters, firebombed cars and
threatened to rape tree-sitters.

We are at another cross roads now with the potential to end the
destruction of our wildlands. The loggers are in financial crisis and
there is a new political structure with The Green party holding strong
influence over decisions (Tasmania has Australia’s first Green
ministers in a minority govt). There is a massive public groundswell
for protection of these giant trees, wild rivers and prehistoric fern
glades. But the loggers want it all, public subsidies and continued
trashing of the forests. We need you help now with this International
Day of Action on Dec 15th. Already we have people from 20 countries
supporting us.

Please help, you can send an email of support through, organise your own action or do some
magical support for the forests and the people that work for them.

You can also join the facebook group and help spread the word:

for the forests,

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