Some Quick Scenes from the Trip

Ooh–it’s been a fast and furious few weeks!  Hardly even time to check email, let alone write blogs, only intermittent email access–but here’s a few highlights and pics if I can get them up before we leave for a fabulous Sicilian lunch and then out to begin the Demeter workshop…

Poland–the first Goddess workshop I’ve done there, with amazing and wonderful women!  We worked with the Baba Yaga stories–and before the workshop, had time for a trip to the most ancient forest in Europe, where wild bison and lynx still roam.  Bialosyieva–and I’m sure I’m not spelling that right!  Misty forest, sunken pools, old trees, and mushrooms galore!  We stayed in a house in the midst of the woods, a family residence grandfathered in to remain where no one is now allowed to build, and feasted on more wild mushrooms than I’ve ever had–even when they are flush on my own land!

In the ancient forest of Poland...

In the ancient forest of Poland…

Ghost faces in the remains of the Warsaw ghetto.

Ghost faces in the remains of the Warsaw ghetto.

Then–a quick trip to England, a talk and spiral dance in the beautiful church of St. James in London, and on to Bristol for two days of work with folks from the Transition Town movement.  Good work on group process and decision making–which I will hint to you all, is what my next book will be about!  How to make groups of equals work….ever had that problem?  Also a wonderful Fall Equinox celebration around a fire in Sarah’s back garden, with bicycles whizzing by on the bike path…

And then the Goddess Conference in Madrid–

So exciting to see the Goddess movement spreading throughout the Mediterranean and Spanish-Speaking world.  I got to hand out with Vicki Noble, creator of the Motherpeace Deck and author of important books on the Goddess, like Shakti Woman and The Double Goddess:

With Vicki Noble and Sandra from Argentina!

With Vicki Noble and Sandra from Argentina!

At the Goddess conference in Madrid

And also with Kathy Jones from the Avalon Goddess conference–which together with our Reclaiming tradition was the inspiration for this and much other wonderful work around the world!

At the end, we took the Goddess to the streets with a procession around the statue of Cybele in the center of Madrid:

Taking the Goddess to the streets!

Taking the Goddess to the streets!

And then we had time for some whirlwind tourism around Madrid–a super-quick trip to the beautiful, medieval city of Toledo, and an amazing performance of Flamenco!

Flamenco dancer

In my next life, I’m going to be a Flamenco dancer!

I’ve studied it some in this life–but basically, need Remedial Flamenco for the Kinesthetically Impaired–love to watch it, though, and stamp around.  Such a powerful image of woman!

And now–Sicily!  The island sacred to Demeter–such a gift to be able to celebrate her mysteries here!  But first–lunch!

4 comments to Some Quick Scenes from the Trip

  • Thankyou for this shared wondrousness. I already can’t wait for the book. The world definitely needs it 🙂

  • Thank You Starhawk for your visit to Poland! I am happy you liked it:)
    the name of the place of the forest is Bialowieza 😉
    Waiting for the next time !


  • 3. Es ist hier viel besser als sonst wo.

  • Eloise Victoria

    Hello Starhawk,
    we’ve never met, but i am passionate about all the same things as you, and admire all your wonderful work – so many brilliant ideas and plenty of action!
    I hope our paths may cross in the near future!

    In the meantime: i happened to meet two sicilians just this week, one of whom invited me to come stay on the island! I was pondering this interesting request and why it had occurred and how it seemed strangely significant.. until BAM there’s your comment ‘Sicily – The island sacred to Demeter’.
    Now i really want to know more! where can i learn more about demeter and her significance to Sicily? What sort of work did you do there, is there a goddess/earth-spirituality community to link up with if i do decide to travel to the island?
    Thank you so much
    Peace, Eloisa

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