A Recipe for Diversity--or, A Bunch of Diverse Things and a Recipe!

And along with those two big events, I started teaching our long-term training program in Bayview Hunters Point, teaching permaculture design and environmental leadership to both garden coordinators and young adults who live in public housing in San Francisco’s poorest neighborhood. […]

Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch

Home at last! First back to San Francisco, then finally back up to the ranch in the Cazadero hills.

The good news—my housemates in the city have actually kept the gardens watered, and even the tubs in front of the garage were flourishing. Tomatoes were growing up my tomato tower and the graywater […]

English Gardens

All those high, trimmed, hedges stiff as an upper lip, controlled, repressed—then behind them and within those secret rooms, cascades of life and color and scent spilling out over the borders in lush profusion as if they’d had a few drinks and lost their inhibitions. […]