Ten Plagues

For the Israeli snipers, who, behind concrete barricades, shot into an unarmed Palestinian demonstration in Gaza, killing fifteen people and wounding nearly a thousand on the eve of Pesach.

It is said that the God of the enslaved Hebrews visited ten plagues upon their Egyptian overlords in order to compel Pharaoh to set the Hebrews […]

Permaculture in Palestine

In the afternoon, we walk down through the village to the permaculture demonstration farm Murad has established…I tell the group what I see in at the farm—the diversity of trees and food plants, designed so that if one crop doesn’t do well others will fill in. The many levels of planting, from the upper-story trees to the smaller bushes, the low annuals and perennials, the ground covers—a classic forest garden. […]

Permaculture in Palestine

The olives are flowering on my land in California right now, just as they are in the olive groves of Palestine. In a few weeks I’ll be heading there to coteach a permaculture course at the Marda Permaculture Farm on the West Bank, together with Klaudia van Gool from England and Murad Al-Khufash, who runs the demonstration farm and who is bringing the tools and insights of permaculture to Palestine…we need to raise five thousand dollars to support the costs of the course and to make it available for Palestinians who suffer many economic privations under the Occupation. Donate online here: http://www.thefarm.org/etc. […]

March 16: A Sad Anniversary--On Rachel Corrie's Death

Today, Rachel Corrie’s parents are in Israel and Palestine pursuing a civil suit against the Israeli government, to hold them accountable for Rachel’s unlawful death. […]

Lavender, Avatar, Palestine, Nukes & Other Ramblings

I’m told that there are online support groups for those who can’t bear the thought that Avatar’s mythical planet Pandora doesn’t exist. But Pandora is real. Pandora is here on earth, in Bil’in, in Los Alamos, in a thousand places and struggles. Link in, and open your eyes. You’ll see a new world—or better yet, help to make one. […]