The Children Are Counting On Us!

I am horrified and sickened by the Trump administration’s forcible separation of parents from their children at our borders. There is no legal, moral or strategic justification. 

Today I read that the Pope has condemned these actions—and that speaks well of him. I cannot understand why every priest, minister, preacher, rabbi, imam, rinpoche, and spiritual leader in the land isn’t crying out “Foul!” from every pulpit. While many are, where are the voices of those who are so quick to trumpet ‘family values’?

We Pagans have no Pope, no one who officially speaks for the views of our spiritual community. We are each our own spiritual authority. But as someone who has some influence and a measure of leadership in our community, I will say that these actions are utterly abhorrent and contravene the values that we hold—that every human being is a child of the Goddess, that great forces of compassion and creativity infuse the universe, that each one of us holds the potential and responsibility to be their avatar, and that the bond of love and nurturing between parent and child is sacred.

But surely, whether you are Pagan or Christian or Jewish or Muslim or atheist, if there is one moral value that underlies every basic idea of human decency, it is the protection of children. To punish children for their parents’ decisions, to deliberately inflict trauma and suffering on children for any cause is wrong, wrong, wrong—and to try and justify it by quoting the Bible or invoking laws (that don’t actually exist) is truly sickening hypocrisy.

We need to take action to end this abusive policy. Speak out—and encourage your friends to do so. Contact your representatives, join in the many marches and demonstrations being planned. If you can’t show up to a march, you can donate to one of the wonderful charitable organizations who are aiding immigrants and asylum-seekers. AND: don’t forget to get out and VOTE in November this year- and mobilize your friends and family to do the same! 

Know of any actions being planned?  Post them in the Comments below. 

The children are counting on us!

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