The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie: Update and New Video

Making a movie is a long, long process!  Often people who have followed our earlier successful Kickstarter campaign or who know we’ve been working on this project for a long time ask me, “When is it coming out?”  Well, we’re still a long way from that happy day—we’re in the slow, difficult process of development, which means creating concepts, getting the screenplay just right, and mostly, getting the investment and the financing!  But along the way, we’ve created a new video, to quickly explain the story to those who haven’t read the book, and to show off some of the art and music we’ve had created.

Pictures speak louder than words—so here it is:

(There’s a close-captioned version on the website for the hearing-impaired.)

Also on YouTube:

What it’s not: It’s not a trailer for the movie, in the sense that a trailer is a selection of scenes to build interest for a movie that’s already been made.  We haven’t made it yet—and when we do we still intend to make a live-action, feature film with real actors, not an animation.  But until we get the financing to shoot the film, we can’t put together scenes that don’t yet exist.  So we’ve exercised our creativity to show you a bit of our underlying concept, together with the art and music we have been able to create thanks to the amazing support we’ve already received.  So think of it more as a video calling card, something we can use to introduce the project to investors and potential collaborators.

Please take a look at it, and if you like it, please share it with your friends and your social networks.  You can give us your feedback by commenting here or on The Fifth Sacred Thing website.

Credits for the video:

I wrote the narration, the wonderful actress Olympia Dukakis speaks the narration.  Olympia has agreed to play Maya in the movie, too!

Philip Wood, our lead producer, created and edited the visuals and did the special effects.  The score was written by Joshua Penman of Akara, and mixed by Rena Jones.

The concept art was executed by our stellar crew of artists:  Andrew Jones, Jessica Perlstein, George “Geoglyphics” Atherton, Layil Umbralux and Mark Lakeman, Jen Zariat, and also features the original novel cover art by Keith Batcheller.

The video also features the mural “A New Dawn (Naya Bihana)” by Martin Travers, as well as a fantastic piece by muralist Juana Alicia.

We also thank Jay Rosenberg, Hayes Valley Farm, Double Rock Garden, Emerald City Garden, Food Not Bombs, Golden Rabbit Ranch, and The City & County of San Francisco for their contributions to the video.

If you want to help us with the movie, please Like us on Facebook and check our website regularly where we have lots of features and an ongoing blog about the production.  We are also happy to accept donations of any amount—the button is on the website.  If you are interested in participating more actively or in volunteering for one of our related projects, you can sign up on the website as well. Just pull down the Get Involved Menu and click on Participation Signup.

Yes, it’s a long haul, but we’re all feeling the growing momentum with the spring!  Thanks so much for the support you’ve all given us throughout the years,

In gratitude,


3 comments to The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie: Update and New Video

  • Starhawk, I have been listening to Earth Magick on my iPod all weekend while getting lost in my creativity, and it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your work. I googled you and discovered that tomorrow is your birthday! Have a very blessed birthday.

  • Trisha Dee

    Came across this in the nick of time – Happy Birthday, Ms S …..

  • Marcus Vinícius matias

    I’m reviewing a paper about this movie and I need to quote it as for reference, but I don’t know how. Could you help me?

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