We have Two Great Crises

1 Officer Hospitalized, 6 Arrested During Violent Overnight Berkeley Protest

Preparing for our climate change workshop and ritual today, while last night even as protests filled the streets the LA police shot a homeless man. I start my talks these days by saying that we have two great crises: climate change and the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands. And they are the same crisis. And these police executions are part of that crisis.

When we say, “Black lives matter,” “Brown lives matter,” “Women’s lives matter,” when we insist that the lives of the homeless, the mentally ill, the imperfect specimens of humanity we all are all matter, we stand for a different system.

This is not a black movement that some noble-hearted white people are getting behind, it is all of our struggle. All of our lives are at stake. For when the powers that be can pick off some of us, they intimidate and divide and silence all of us. And we need all of us, now, to stand for a world where life matters more than profits and control.

All of our lives are at stake, albeit some more immediately and obviously. See you at the ritual, or see you in the streets!

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