This page includes all of Starhawk’s writings on the subject, from spring 2002 to the present.They are in pdf format.

2002-04-22-Speechless in Jenin
2002-04-28-Heresies in Pursuit of Peace
2002-05-31-First Report from Palestine
2002-06-02-Palestine Peace Report
2002-06-04-Peace Update from Palestine

2002-06-12-The Boy who Kissed the Soldier_Balata Camp
2002-08-01-The Battle of the Coffeepot-Jenin
2002-08-03-Targeting the Innocent
2003-03-16-The Death of Rachel Corrie
2003-03-19-In Nablus on the Eve of War

2003-03-26-A Bone from Rafah
2004-04-07-LovingĀ  the Jewish Community Means Supporting Justice
2003-04-12-More Blood in Rafah
2003-04-Next Year in Mas’Ha
2003-06-05-Report on June 5 2003 Palestine Action

2003-06-05-Who is the ISM
2004-03-10-The Price of an Orange
2004-03-16-Standing at the Gates of Jerusalem
2004-03-18-Demonstration At the Wall
2004-03-20-The Value of Land
2004-03-22-Day of the Assassination

2004-03-25-Death and Birth in the Occupied Territories
2004-03-30-Beit Leqiya
2004-03-30-Village and Settlements
2004-04-04-Land Day in Beit Duqu
2004-04-09-Last Day on the West Bank

2004-04-23-Last Update_ The Israeli Activist Festival
2004-05-04-Last Year at Mas’Ha
2004-05-20-Rafah’s Human Face
2004-05-23-Sharon’s Shell Game in Rafah
2004-06-04-On the Quest for Raw Sewage

2006-07-Starhawk_While the Bombs Fell
2006-12-06-Response to Ozick on Rachel Corrie
2007-02-21-To Be a True Friend of the Jewish People
2007-03-16-Four Years Ago Today
2008-03-16-Denied Entry

2008-12-30-On Gaza
2009-03-14-Tristan Shot in the West Bank